Magick in the Garden!

Sometimes we miss some of the most magickal moments, when they are right there in front of us! Yesterday I was out taking some photos of the garden and I thought I’d take a shot of one of the Gerbera’s, and it wasn’t till I down loaded the photos that I noticed this little lady bug snuggling up and right at home in the very centre of the flower, so I race right back outside to take a few more shots and this is what I came up with, rather proud of this shot!



Friends lifted my spirits today, I know I’ve been difficult to be around with so much going on, on so many levels, thank you for your love and care the last few days. You are so special.

Tonight I heard crickets chirping, frogs calling, cows munching paddock grasses and horses chewing on the pears I gifted them.

I saw bats heading North as I headed towards the Eastern horizon, I saw clouds hanging like blankets above me, separating me from the stars, I saw the clouds above me reflected in puddles and dams, I saw the last rays of sunset.

I touched the flowers of wild fennel plants, to see if they were ready, I stroked the velvet feeling nose of the horse I was feeding, I felt the pull on the lead as my companion walked ahead with his nose to the ground picking up new scents with excitement.

I smelt the freshness of rain, the smell of cows, of horses and of sheep, of open pastures, my head swirled as I breathed in the intoxicating scent of the lemon scented gum tree, and I tasted a sense of oneness, of connection with both Divinity with Nature, I am back on the right path, and so the journey continues.

I am Pagan

I am pagan that means my life progresses as does my growth in harmony and synchronicity with Nature.


As a pagan I follow the movements here on earth and above me in the skies. My sacred alignment is with the spirit of this land; I live and breathe, cultivate, ritualise, and have a relationship with the earth and the skies.

I follow the old ways of the reading the stars, the moon and the sun for my calendar, just as my ancestors did, for back through my bloodline, and my Celtic heritage I draw on the energies of those that lived entirely with Nature, and the ancestors of this ancient sacred land and the connection is held and listened to on the breeze, in the shadows of the sun, in the wells, the rivers and the seas, and the caves, the dirt and the rocks of earth.

I won’t be celebrating a holiday today on a Christian calendar, instead I will wait for the exact central moment of between Summer Solstice and the Autumn Equinox, the true cross quarter day, as the rhythms of the sun and the stars show me.

And then I shall dance, barefoot, in the place where Fire and Water merge on the round, and celebrate in the rhythm of this land and my beliefs.