A Garden’s Health

This morning whilst foraging through the vegetable patch for some produce to turn into salads, I stumbled upon this tiny little fellow only 25mm in length.


Looking as cute as a button there it was perched on a heirloom zucchini leaf and hidden under another, it bought a big warm grin to my face, not just because of its micro cuteness, but because of what that meant for our vegetable and herb patch— these sweet amphibians mean that you have a healthy environment, free of pesticides and other harmful products. What a wonderful affirmation for our very loved and nurtured patch of ground.

Frogs eat insects and a lot of other smaller things that may be harmful to our garden, so I want to encourage them even further. I may think more about supporting them by adding some more ponds in and amongst the garden.


I’ve read that Frogs absorb air and water through their skin, and are only able to live in clean water. So if we do not use pesticides; we can simply allow our frogs to get rid of insects for us. Did you know that a single toad can eat upward of 10,000 insects in one summer! No wonder they bought those bloody cane toads into our country, with statistics like that. Hmmmm… and what a disaster that has proven to be.

Well I am so grateful for this morning’s find and I will now go out of my way to encourage these little blokes and ladies to dip their sweet little suction capped feet in our vicinity…here froggie….here, here little froggie!