1 x White Sigil Powder Bottle with cork lid, made using a tradition recipe and is handmade by Astarté Earthwise

2 x  Hecate Charms tied with hemp

1 x Information Sheet with photo ideas

This Sigil powder glass bottle with cork is finished with the Symbols of Hecate and empowered for your magical use.

Used in ritual, as is, for making sigils, given as offerings, scattered for numerous reasons, used on the body, in charm bags/bottles, etc. Or added to water, fire for suffumigation, or used as incense, or added to incense…

The powder can be used for marking boundaries when laying the compass or casting the circle. It can be used to draw sigils on the ground when working outdoors. It is good for creating sigils when petitioning spirits, when collecting dirt from cemeteries or crossroads, it can be used to bless the home or ward it against negativity and also as a protection powder. 

Sigils drawn with powders are miniature maps of the cosmos and doorways to access specific points in the other realms.  Most of the designs involve the use of an intersection of some sorts to represent crossing between worlds via the axis mundi also known to many as the World Tree. The rest of the design can be elaborated upon and created in the moment to match the deity or spirit being called or the realm being accessed. The best places to draw outdoor sigils and leave offerings at them are crossroads (especially dirt ones), graveyards, the foot of trees, or around a staff or stang driven into the earth. If you wish to use a sigil to leave an offering of food or drink make sure to draw it somewhere with earth and not a paved street as you’ll need to dig a hole big enough to bury or pour your offering into.

30 grams

Height: 90 mm

Width: 50 mm

Depth: 50 mm

Honesty of Spirit

This weekend I have been reminded deeply, down to the very bones of my ancestors, the importance of honest communication and negotiation. What an even more amazing world we would live in if we were more authentic, followed our hearts to the matter of things, and even more so followed our gut instincts.

As the wheel turns its face towards the decent, the movement from Water to Earth, we find the place in between…the mud, where the elements of water and earth unite.

Sometimes when we get stuck in our past roles, it’s like being in the mud, it’s hard to get out, it acts like a suction on the soles of our feet. In this mud our vision can be blurred, instead of the honesty required we may play out the role of our inner hurt child, pretend, hide, maybe even lie and create chaos, instead of growing up, stepping out of the mud and saying exactly what we mean.

At Autumn we are shown a gift, all is maturing in nature around us, and so can we. We can be adult enough to speak our minds, face to face to others. If we miss this moment, like the fruits, if not harvested, they rot, and so does a part of us.

This is a time when you can embrace the intimacy that you can explore with another heart to heart, take a risk, or be forever held at arms distance from your own truth.

If you are in the mud, if your journey has you in isolation or loneliness, now is that space, that moment of stepping forward into the importance and maturity of honest communication.

When we make a decision to step out of the mud, we clear our own vision, and we can release fear and worry, as the pathway ahead becomes so much lighter under foot.

Happy travels to honesty of spirit!