Gaia Sophia

Gaia Sophia

Look around you

I drifted in with the wind

I splashed down in the storm

I draw my primal energy from the sea

Under foot the greening begins

Roots that spread so deep

Smell my perfume on the breeze

I bring life to frozen ground

Pushing through

Just as you must do

Your roots are Her roots

Your bones ache

For a reason through winter

Be forever mindful

The sacredness of Sophia

Work to service only Her

So you may lie again

Once more in her nurturing arms

When she calls you home


I have power in my presence. You will feel me. Come back outdoors now, feel the shift, I am returning, my light draws you.

I come from the place in your heart where wild dingo’s roam.

Do you feel the sap moving in the gum trees. Let your hips  sway to the tree breeze and the Earth drum, for we are ONE.

Trance this compass of the great land downunder, the re-awakening, the quickening of Imbolc stirs my blood, as liquid sap is stirred around us, and in the belly.

Its the flowering time, the maiden is swirling on the breeze, sharing her strength of spirit, magic is afoot.

Ahhh…breathe in your wildness….can you tell me the colours of the sunset, the fragrance of the flowers and what is happening in the bush this week?

If you cannot, then you have stopped dancing and singing up the land, remember you used to dance and sing before you became so important….take time to dance my friends 

Merry Imbolc!