The greatest prison you can live in, is the one in your head, leave behind your bitterness, move on from the past, when people’s actions trigger those painful memories, when you feel abandoned and alone, when you have been shut out yet again, and you feel the hurt returning, this is your chance to make a move towards your  freedom.

Don’t step back into your pain, you are so much better than that, for in this very moment you are fully alive, you are powerful, all you need do is live in the now, that is enough. Be thankful that the past has brought you to this present, where you are learning to use all your energy and your deep wild spirit to live fully.

For freedom is never free, it needs your support to keep it fluid.

The more support you give yourself when you are triggered, the freer you will be.

Empowered woman, empowered sister, empowered me!


~ © Astarté Earthwise March 2018

Opening Up


Nature teaches us the power and beauty of opening up, if we stay closed we cannot share our unique perfume with the world, we cannot attract the bees and other insects to pollinate our center. Nor can we experience the joy of letting go, and transforming from bud to seed. Thank you Goddess for this beautiful teaching place here on earth with your gifts that surround us in lessons for life. Today I am so grateful for the lessons from a beautiful red rose, and the exhilarating scent that opens my heart. Deep happiness on your day  


Friday’s Garden Capture


Out of your shell and eating again….

Snail munching on a Gazinia Flower…..

Just like a very dear friend who has been very ill, candle lit, ancestors called in, magic done,  healing sent…and this afternoon they are feeling better and have had something to eat, and this girl is very much relieved, smiles at Her special  Man.


Such a joy to wake up to full tanks, dams filling up, and the sound of squelch squelch under your gumboots, and the land sighs and moans with the ecstacy of fertility that Mabon brings yet again as we travel to the West the place of water we find Her Reflections all around us.

The water falling helps with the rotting down of Summer, just as our tears flowing help to assist our releasing and removal of what may be rotting away inside of us.

Beautiful tools to assist our spiraling journey through Autumn to Winter with the releasing and the letting go.

The beautiful Earth Mother shows us the way, our roots are once again nourished by Her waters, giving us the strength to release what we need, shake loose all that that binds you, and stops you soaring.

Trust yourself to the Water, relax, you cannot hold its sides, float, and rise above, for water will hold you when you dont struggle.

Just as life will hold you when you surrender to your fears and you too will feel the flow in your life.

Water, beautiful life giving and affirming Water thank you for reminding me that I belong to everything.



Is not this a true autumn day? Just the still melancholy that I love – that makes life and nature harmonise. The birds are consulting about their migrations; the trees are putting on the hectic or the pallid hues of decay, and begin to strew the ground, that one’s very footsteps may not disturb the repose of earth and air, while they give us a scent that is a perfect anodyne to the restless spirit. Delicious autumn! My very soul is wedded to it, and if I were a bird I would fly about the earth seeking the successive autumns.
~George Elliot


As the cauldron of the potential awaits for the downward journey to Her.

Are you ready?


Autumn Tide 2018


As we stand at the entrance to the West gate, opposite the place of the rising sun that gave us light for the last 6 months we now turn to the deep waters of the changing time, our shedding complete, we stand bare, sunset, dusk, autumn, harvests end, as the darkness enfolds the sun grows old, our thoughts turn towards the coming winter.

Let’s measure what we have achieved and start plans for what will ensue, let’s sort, sift and store our fruits and seeds, and prepare our tools for our journey to the underworld, Her deepest mysteries.

We stand at this western water crossroad preparing ourselves emotionally for the passage within to the deepest self.

On Wednesday when the sun moves into the astrological sign of Aries here in Australia, we celebrate the moment of Equinox, of balance, light and dark, and of the turning of the wheel.

Time for  preparing for the doorway down, through the Mysteries once again, Mabon is approaching, I shall open myself to the seeing, this place of deep waters is for my healing. The land is slowing, rotting, swelling and falling.
Nature and my ancestors are imprinted in my bones, and water holds the memories that bring me back, year after year to revise this sacred life, to learn, to walk through new lessons, and to grow stronger through the deep harvest in Water.

As I grow older like the sacred land, I want to keep growing, learning and live a full, happy life, because I deserve it!

As I reach out more and participate in service with humanity, Hecate stands at the crossroads, smiling, and she shows me this is my personal key to harmony. The Wisdom of the Goddess shows me the importance of this service, and that my longed-for healing takes place with helping and assisting the living.

The divine Presence within me knows to become whole, I need to live fully, to take part, and become involved with others. Some days I can choose to do just a little at a time, until I feel I can do more.

As I mature so does my willingness to let more people in, to mentor from my truth, Her truth, this is a process that I will continue till I draw my last breath and journey west for the final time in this incarnation. Now as Autumn Equinox approaches, I know my journey continues again as we move to this place on the Compass, the place of deep reflection and scrying and deep memory; you too can take this opportunity for your own healing.

All of us have a deep, deep desire to belong, spiritually we are at our best when we participate with others, this is the time of year to consider cutting down the branches of isolation, and make the way for new growth toward a life of loving involvement. Remember this…Life is for living!