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I am Wildwoman, I find my spirituality in Nature. I honour the ancestors of this land, as well as the ancestors of my blood. I work with the help, guidance and connection of the ancient Gods, the Spirits and Totems of this land and its seasonal Cycles. I own and operate the largest pagan, wiccan and witchcraft store on ebay in Austalia. I am a teacher, healer, intuitive therapist, workshop facilitator, metaphysical store owner and wisewoman. I work on average a 80-90 hour week. I pour all I have into work for the community and nature. I run sacred circles, for my students, and the larger pagan community. To find out more about me and my services visit my website.

Magick in the Garden!

Sometimes we miss some of the most magickal moments, when they are right there in front of us! Yesterday I was out taking some photos of the garden and I thought I’d take a shot of one of the Gerbera’s, and it wasn’t till I down loaded the photos that I noticed this little lady bug snuggling up and right at home in the very centre of the flower, so I race right back outside to take a few more shots and this is what I came up with, rather proud of this shot!



Friends lifted my spirits today, I know I’ve been difficult to be around with so much going on, on so many levels, thank you for your love and care the last few days. You are so special.

Tonight I heard crickets chirping, frogs calling, cows munching paddock grasses and horses chewing on the pears I gifted them.

I saw bats heading North as I headed towards the Eastern horizon, I saw clouds hanging like blankets above me, separating me from the stars, I saw the clouds above me reflected in puddles and dams, I saw the last rays of sunset.

I touched the flowers of wild fennel plants, to see if they were ready, I stroked the velvet feeling nose of the horse I was feeding, I felt the pull on the lead as my companion walked ahead with his nose to the ground picking up new scents with excitement.

I smelt the freshness of rain, the smell of cows, of horses and of sheep, of open pastures, my head swirled as I breathed in the intoxicating scent of the lemon scented gum tree, and I tasted a sense of oneness, of connection with both Divinity with Nature, I am back on the right path, and so the journey continues.

I am Pagan

I am pagan that means my life progresses as does my growth in harmony and synchronicity with Nature.


As a pagan I follow the movements here on earth and above me in the skies. My sacred alignment is with the spirit of this land; I live and breathe, cultivate, ritualise, and have a relationship with the earth and the skies.

I follow the old ways of the reading the stars, the moon and the sun for my calendar, just as my ancestors did, for back through my bloodline, and my Celtic heritage I draw on the energies of those that lived entirely with Nature, and the ancestors of this ancient sacred land and the connection is held and listened to on the breeze, in the shadows of the sun, in the wells, the rivers and the seas, and the caves, the dirt and the rocks of earth.

I won’t be celebrating a holiday today on a Christian calendar, instead I will wait for the exact central moment of between Summer Solstice and the Autumn Equinox, the true cross quarter day, as the rhythms of the sun and the stars show me.

And then I shall dance, barefoot, in the place where Fire and Water merge on the round, and celebrate in the rhythm of this land and my beliefs.

Food for Thought

We live in a world of Addiction – Alcohol, Drugs, Gambling, Food, Relationships, Sex. Obsessive Compulsion, Control, etc – A Wiseperson’s  thought to help –

“For an addict, our substances or processes are our god. They demand our time, energy and resources. This may take awhile to become blatantly obvious, but it will occur eventually because of the nature of addiction. We focus on protecting our supply …and we make our addiction into our god.” – The Recovery Spiral.

Fruits and vegetables

Have you made this connection before? I see how I turn to food,  I need to turn to the Divine. When I need rest, comfort, security, reassurance. Food is my answer for anytime I wanted joy, pleasure, energy, rest or comfort. It has become my god. Now I can begin to understand how turning to my higher power can fulfill that need and food never could.


© Astarte Earthwise 2005

JANUARY – In much of Australia the desolating effects of the sun are peaking. Bushfires threaten many regions. Brilliant colours of Hibiscus, Frangipani, Crepe Myrtle, Bougainvillea, and Cannas are seen, along with many annuals. Fruit grows heavier on the trees. Harvesting season for wheat approaches. Many gum trees in flower. The oceans tides are exceptionally low and it’s a great time for exploring rock platforms. Large fish patrol the beaches as many sea creatures wash in, especially toadfish and blue bottles. Young sea birds hatch in burrows and sand-scapes. Butterflies and dragonflies abound. Snakes and lizards bask on the warm rocks. Echidnas are on the move looking for ants nests. Mushrooms appear in pine forests and ghost fungus on logs. Lots of feathers on the ground as birds start moulting. Crimson Bottlebrush (Callistemon) is flowering

MOON – Bottlebrush & Feather Moon –

FEBRUARY – In many parts of Australia this is the hottest part of the year. In subtropical areas increased rainfall means the heat gives way to crippling humidity. Many crops are harvested from about this time. The days begin to get shorter.

MOON – Corn Harvest Moon –

MARCH – The worst heat and humidity now passed. Days continue to shorten and temperatures are more moderate. Many plants continue to flourish until the cold of winter arrives. Cassia, Hibiscus, Tibouchina and Roses are still at their best.

MOON – Water Platypus Moon –

APRIL – The sweltering heat and humidity of summer gives way to cooler days, but this land itself is still warm from months of sunlight. Hours of darkness are lengthening. Leaves on the deciduous trees now start to change to yellow, red and orange. Autumn flowers are now at their very best. In the Top End the wet season draws to a close.

MOON – Changing Moon –

MAY – Days are shorter, cooler and crisper with blue skies and softer sunlight. Across northern Australia in particular, temperatures are at their most moderate now. The Top End now enters its dry season. Whales now begin their annual migration to Ningaloo Reef on the west coast. Many varieties of Banksia and Wattle are flowering. In Queensland the Poinsettias begin to bloom. Autumn foliage appears on deciduous trees.

MOON – Dingo Moon

JUNE – Growth slows and soil temperatures drop. Autumn leaves continue and winter flowering begins. Occasional frosts, cold winds and blustery thunderstorms across southern Australia. Across much of southern Australia rainfall will peak. On the east coast, whales start migrating to the Great Barrier Reef. Nights continue to lengthen until Solstice. The quiet time continues as Nature waits and watches

MOON – Earth Wombat Moon

JULY – Now in the depths of winter, it gets dark early and there are frosts and westerly winds. After Solstice there is some snow in parts of southern Australia. Deciduous trees are now bare. In frost free area poinsettias are now flourishing. Winter flowering peaches, the flowering almond and the first of the cherries are beginning to bloom.

MOON – Frost Moon

AUGUST – Snowy areas are still cold, but elsewhere spring is on the way. Days lengthen. The Australian bush becomes yellow with wattle. In southern Australia spring bulbs respond to the warming earth. Magnolias, Camellias, Azaleas bloom. The scent of spring is on the air. Freesias, Jasmine and Boronia all signal the turning of seasons. Many native Australian animals begin their mating rituals.

MOON – Wattle Moon

SEPTEMBER – National Wattle Day is September 1st. Wildflowers bloom across the country. Perfumes of many flowers float on the air, also making this peak hay fever season. Many cities now celebrate with spring flower festivals. Cold winds cease and the days grow longer. Northern Australia may experience a few hot days, but heat is not yet extreme.

MOON – Air Moon

OCTOBER – In cooler parts of the country, spring gardens now reach their peak. Wisteria is in full bloom. The days grow longer and noticeably warmer. In areas prone to bush fires, burning off is underway and rain is already eagerly anticipated. In Queensland and Northern NSW Jacaranda begin flowering, and Grafton holds its Jacaranda Festival.

MOON – Purple Moon

NOVEMBER – With beginnings of summer the days grow hotter and longer and flowers begin fruiting. Jacaranda flowers continue, while in the southern states the Flame Trees put on a spectacular show. Hydrangeas and Agapanthus can also be seen, and Roses fill gardens with scent and colour. The Top End enters its Wet Season, rejuvenating flood plains, waterfalls and plant life.

MOON – Cockatoo Moon

DECEMBER – The days grow longer and hotter. In the north the heat is relentless, the wilting atmosphere of summer begins. Cyclone season is here. In tropics and subtropics the mango season begins. Bush Fires a constant threat along much of the eastern coast. In the south, particularly Tasmania, many wonderful stone frits are now available. Solstice marks the longest day.

MOON – Fire Rainbow Serpent Moon

Crystals of Quartz


Under the waxing moon in Aquarius today I prepared the beautiful quartz crystals and moonstones for the year ahead to be exposed and worked on through rituals for whoever needs them, they are so full of buzzing energy, if you need something personally charged for yourself, just let me know if I can do this for you. Quartz crystals are used as a cleansing stone to eliminate negative energies from other stones. This basket is full of a great variety of different types of clear quartz, tabbies, record keepers, teachers, windows and many more. They also are a powerful tool for memory inmprovement and bringing clarity to to one’s consciousness. Healers use quartz crystals to fortify the nerves, stimulate glandular activity, reduce fevers, alleviate pain, swelling and nausea. They are now within my working circle starting their journey with the Element of Air and the powers associated with that quarter, the wings of great magpie are protecting them and singing them up with his beautiful warble.

Risky Business

We all aspire to be strong!


Have you ever thought that our vulnerability is as important, and as much a human part of us being also?

Our vulnerability prevents our strengths from becoming hard, self-serving and brittle.

It’s our soft edges that invite other’s openness and their expressions of love.

Our vulnerable selves can open our Miwi’s (souls) to a flood of strength that is just waiting for us.

Once we take a true look at this we may find there is no longer a need for booze, pills, food or lovers for our strength.

All the strength you need is as close as your thoughts.

Will you risk being your vulnerable self today?


Australian Cowboy Beetle

I love the diversity of this shot I just took, Australia Cowboy Beetle on an Turkish Fig! (Hello AJ)


Cowboy Beetle – Chondropyga dorsalis (Diaphonia dorsalis)


This beetle is commonly seen flying around very fast during day time in shrubs early summer and especially around Christmas. (Well that’s what I remember since being a child) It is yellowish-brown in colour with a black stripe on the middle. Its body is relatively flatten. The beetle feeds on nectar.