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Autumn Stirrings

The grey mists are rolling in with the South Easterly winds across the paddocks and wetlands…the pond plants are moulting and look like Rabbits have fought at the swamps edge….as it looks like angora wool strewn everywhere… calves were chasing each other …..the brown dashes faster and was winning it over the black one…so cute… the sun slips further into the western horizon at my back….as I travel East with a bag of pears, apples, carrots and bread for the horses…blue wildflowers are growing up through the barbed wired fences….rain is on its way as the lemon scented gum always smells much stronger just before the rain…I open up to its luscious scent that fills my nostrils with a sense of joy…I love that smell so much….Woody the Labrador makes her dash down the long driveway of a couple of hundred meters ….to be thrown a few bits of apple from my bag, tail wagging as usual…..chomp, chomp, chomp…..I whistle to the horses who are down in the back paddock, almost out of sight….I see a chestnut head come upright and I call out…ABBEY!!….. I huge whiney is heard and she comes galloping…hooves thumping at the ground as she comes towards me ….I call out DASH!….and the Shetland pony cones running on his little short legs making a different noise in the ground…pats and strokes and soft words are shared ….along with treats of fresh food….I move on with a few bits of bread …to the paddock next door…..where the old ewe waits breathing heavily in anticipation of her bread pieces…I call her Shaun….as I think that is what every sheep should be called…in my silly old head…it amuses me…she reminds me of the sound of a garbage disposal in the sink… that were the rage in the late 60’s…the noise she makes is quiet guttural…animals fed…I head for home, towards a setting sun, and the curtains of another day close before me ….as me an Boofie head up the hill towards the setting sun…



Magick in the Garden!

Sometimes we miss some of the most magickal moments, when they are right there in front of us! Yesterday I was out taking some photos of the garden and I thought I’d take a shot of one of the Gerbera’s, and it wasn’t till I down loaded the photos that I noticed this little lady bug snuggling up and right at home in the very centre of the flower, so I race right back outside to take a few more shots and this is what I came up with, rather proud of this shot!

Eclipsing Ourselves

You are sun, and moon, and earth.
Gazing upon your bright reflection, what do you see?
You are earth, and moon, and sun.
What shadow needs to move now, bringing to the foreground a wholly new kind of light?
You are moon, and sun, and earth.
What have you been reflecting? What bounces from you, and onto the eyes of other beings?
You are that which is solid, that which combusts, and that which reflects. What do you allow yourself to see? How do you allow yourself to be? Will you shift perspective, line things up, and stand in the totality of who you are? Can you step into alignment with yourself and see what bright and shadow form? You are engaged in a cosmic dance of epic proportions. You are simply living your singular life.
All of this is metaphor. All of this is true.
Wake up.

T. Thorn Coyle