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I’ve become more of a people watcher than ever over the last couple of years. I see clearly something I wish to share if you are interested.

I’ve known chronic pain, desperation, and frustration….but nothing prepared me for simple JEALOUSY.

Not mine, but others jealousy. Why would anyone want my life?

Don’t get me wrong, I do love my life, but I wouldn’t wish many of my tougher experiences on anyone.

So I sit back and I watch and I listen, I am not a victim, however I’ve had my fair share of challenges. I can honestly say I am not a jealous person, I know it’s an emotion that can undermine so many people, to their detriment.

I see it at play almost every day.

Life hasn’t given me the Jealousy gene, aren’t I lucky?

I now live in a relationship, with a man that like me, has no jealousy issues. We have a deep trust and we communicate, and we both have a strong sense of self.

In my watching of people I see so clearly the damage jealousy does, especially in Social Media. I watch the Ego’s at play, full of the uncertainties and self-doubt, totally unaware of their critical inner voices that trigger their reasons for jealousy.

I dream of the day that people stop, just for a moment or longer!!

And listen to their driving inner voices that they learn to communicate their fears, suspicions, and mistrusts in their closest relationships and friendships.

That they self-challenge what makes them anxious, rather than lashing out.

Even if this may cause their inner voice attacks to intensify, feel it and express it, is the key to freedom.

How can others assist you if you are not honest, and you don’t share what you are experiencing, it takes ignorance and a mislead ego to assume other people will know what your inner voices are saying?

When you learn to hear and feel your internal triggers and the roots of your jealous feelings and you can communicate them clearly, you will find you CAN weaken the internal jealous enemy. Doing this strengthens both you and your sense of self.

This will enable you to accept the reality that you are cared for maybe even loved and reject the mis-perception that you are going to be betrayed.

And if there were an infidelity or a sense of being left out, you would be much better able to get through it if you weren’t letting your critical inner voice get the better of you.

Embrace your Jealousy; see it as a gift of self-discovery to strengthen your inner core and being, doing so in a healthy way can bring you so much peace.

The next time you feel that twinge of jealousy, stop, take your awareness within, feel it, express it to yourself, have the conversation with the person who triggered you if possible rather than expressing it negatively and destroying your valuable friendships.

And remember don’t judge another till you’ve walked a kilometer or so in their blundstones.

Peace & Love

© Astarté Earthwise

Death, Metaphysics & Visionary Art

I came across this awe-inspiring painting today for the first time by Johfra Bosschart, I don’t recall hearing of him before, yet on doing research I definitely know his work, and even grew up with his art in my bedroom as a teenager.


When I was 19 I remember standing in a shop on Oxford St in Paddington NSW talking with a family friend who owned it, he was an astrologer from the UK, called Keith Anthony Thomas. All of Johfra’s Astrological Art Prints were up high all around the shop, I had popped in to see him after he had made my astrological chart for my birthday, it had come with a cassette tape and I went to get clarity on a few things he had said, and as we conversed he clearly said to me that I should be studying the metaphysical arts as that was my path and I would be eventually teaching it. I had been working as a painter for an advertising company since I was 15 and had won a municipal award from Waverley Council in NSW for my art. But I knew in the depths of my heart I wasn’t that good.

This was the seventies and I was into everything I could get my hands on that I deemed spiritual, I just had never heard the term metaphysical before. In my ignorance and innocence I believed he had meant I had to learn to paint like this guy, and I felt overwhelmed. I thought this was the metaphysical arts he had implied; I remained burdened with these thoughts for some months, how very wrong was I? When I found out what metaphysics actually were, I was overjoyed as that was a huge part of my life anyway, and to continue on this path as advised was done with the deepest pleasure and satisfaction and I could give up any aspirations to paint like the visionary greats!


What a relief,  oh life before Google was tough for a girl like me with limited education; I only completed 2nd Form (Year 8) before I was expelled from a good private catholic girls college.

It’s amazing how moments like these stand out so strongly in your memory, because it was a very significant moment and a moment of truth. I knew my path, and became even more of a quester.

So getting back to this particular painting:-


It’s called The Adoration of Pan, and seeing it today for the first time took my breath away, as this astonishing painting is so very similar to what I personally experienced in my father’s bedroom, just last October. Less than 3 months ago as he was dying, I was holding and massaging his feet, and it was just like this picture, all these beings all gathered together came in through the wall towards my Dad’s feet, swam across his body, right in front of my eyes, gathered around my father and whisked him away. That was at around 10.00pm, I know even though his body was breathing, that his spirit had left at that moment, the split of the soul had occured, he’d crossed the hedge, to peace at last after his journey through cancer. After this happened I let go of his feet turned to my mother and without a word we both left him. We went and sat in the kitchen, in my heart of hearts I knew he had gone we stayed chatting till midnight when my younger sister took over watching for us. I went to bed and was called at around 5.00am as he took his last breaths before dying.

I could not put my experience into words, even though I had tried, I am so grateful to this man Johfra for his painting, as this is the closet visual expression of my experience with my Dad, I can now share this with the dear man George who bought Pan so deeply into my life in the last two years through the teachings of Rosaleen Norton yet another superb visionary Artist. I also now know that the first time I stood before an original picture of Roie’s Pan, just last year that the visions I was having, and continue to have are so very similar, it gives me much more clarity. I am so grateful for all the teachers and the ancestors in my life that share so much with me, past, present and future.


Onwards & Upwards! Hail Pan!