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On Gossip…

At times we need to remember that gossip breeds cynicism and destroys compassion. It can be an unhealthy way of indirectly dealing with real observations or competitive feelings. When you favour direct communication… Continue reading


I’ve become more of a people watcher than ever over the last couple of years. I see clearly something I wish to share if you are interested. I’ve known chronic pain, desperation, and… Continue reading

“Keep the lesson, but throw away the experience.”

Embrace your wounds

What Kind of Lover are you?

Death, Metaphysics & Visionary Art

I came across this awe-inspiring painting today for the first time by Johfra Bosschart, I don’t recall hearing of him before, yet on doing research I definitely know his work, and even grew… Continue reading

Shine on Lovely!

Deep Grief

Today I am reflecting it’s exactly 7 weeks since my Dad went to the Summerlands, I miss him, and he is on my mind a lot. Not a day has passed since then… Continue reading

Eclipsing Ourselves

You are sun, and moon, and earth. Gazing upon your bright reflection, what do you see? You are earth, and moon, and sun. What shadow needs to move now, bringing to the foreground… Continue reading