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  • Shine on Lovely!

  • Deep Grief

    Deep Grief

    Today I am reflecting it’s exactly 7 weeks since my Dad went to the Summerlands, I miss him, and he is on my mind a lot. Not a day has passed since then without tears, I wonder how much longer it will hurt like it does. I feel him around me at times, and I…

  • Eclipsing Ourselves

    You are sun, and moon, and earth. Gazing upon your bright reflection, what do you see? You are earth, and moon, and sun. What shadow needs to move now, bringing to the foreground a wholly new kind of light? You are moon, and sun, and earth. What have you been reflecting? What bounces from you,…

  • Peace


    Deep Peace of the Magpie’s warble to you in Air Deep Peace of the Rainbow’s Serpent’s passion to you in Fire Deep Peace of the Sacred Turtle’s intuition to you in Water Deep Peace of the Goanna’s strength to you in Earth Deep peace of the Miwi to guide you in Spirit