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Truth, Love & Beauty


My thoughts on the Old Craft….

Witchcraft as we all know is about knowing yourself, first and foremost.

It’s about knowing who you are and what triggers you and your behaviour.

It’s up to YOU to get a handle on that.

No one can be blamed if you don’t own your own behaviour and emotions.

You have choices to walk in a world with your delusions and illusions or you can walk in truth.

Walking in truth is the crooked path, walking in illusion is the straight path.

You are a beautiful powerful being, and you need to believe that, and aim to make that being bigger and better.

Getting caught up in gossip, backstabbing and slander is simply a road to self-defeat.

The path of manipulating others, for your own outcome, will only damage you.

Your authentic self, honestly knows your weaknesses, it’s your job to strengthen them.

Become strong in who you are, using all the tools available to you.

If you are surefooted these negative things will not stick to you, only to those telling the tales.

People who think witchcraft is easy, are deluded; it’s painful, frustration ridden, hard work and bloody rewarding.

If you come to the path of the old ways not operating from your heart, and being authentic, you will indeed experience deep pain.

That pain is often your gift:

A gift to be used for the good of transforming yourself.

Or this gift of pain is to be used in playing the victim and spreading your wrath forever more, because sadly you missed the opportunity to walk with the wise.

An accomplished and good builder or carpenter never blames their tools if their finished product is shoddy.

If your elders, teachers, or mentors give you tools for self-improvement and you don’t use them, for whatever reason, then seek other tools before blaming them for your own shoddy emotions.

Not all relationships work, because we are human, however those that make us uncomfortable are the ones we often learn from the most, running from them, just keeps you re-creating the same shoddy emotions.

May you all find your Truth through Love

© Astarté Earthwise 2014

Hekate’s Day and Rebuilding


Today as the calendar folds back I am reminded that today is 2 years and 10 months since my Dad left his cancer riddled body behind and soared high on Hekate’s day. Today I picked him some sweetly smelling native daphne, and took it to my new outdoor ancestor altar, along with a dear Bovine friends leg bone, I asked him for a sign, as I often do, and his brother Valentino arrived in the form of a crow, and announced the arrival of Dad in the form of an Eagle. Every time I stand in my working space and ask for him, an Eagle never fails to fly on over me. These moments and connection let me know I am on the right path. My heart aches for when we will be reunited, in another life time maybe, but today I remember you with joy and tears dear Dad, the Father of my heart. I also honour and remember my dearest Gillian who also left this Earth on this Hekate’s day. 1 year and 11 months ago, you walk with me often dear one.


It feels good to be rebuilding sacred space here again, after the storms that took so much. The land and I are developing our relationship slowly, the spirits are much more happy than when I first arrived, and now after a year the offerings are being accepted at the foot of what I call the guardian tree. I found a new tree yesterday that also requires some gifts and will be doing that too. When we are still and we wait, She talks to us, she helps us and guides us.


My binding to this land here is very gently taking place, like the outer planets above us, these things take years to move, and I have the patience required. There is nothing here romantic or glamourous, its seeing and responding to what is seen and unseen, respecting , nurturing and caring, that is what is required. Developing perceptions and understandings and doing the work of those before me. Ahhh and it feels good!




When you have within you a deep sense of staying in contact with the truth, you are courageous, committed to love and justice, and you take your deepest joy in serving others, you will be misunderstood.

Your intensity to love will not be digested easily by the mainstream.

When you know that every human being counts, that others should never feel a sense of helplessness, you fight to bring light to them, to make others not lose sight of the fact that everyone needs to be accounted for, you will make enemies.

Hold your courage, in the face of all who would try to oppress you, as your joy in serving others could never be taken away from you, shape your destiny, by asking yourself, what kind of human being you will be for your ancestors?

Lesson One = Know Thyself


Keeping in mind the great and ancient wisdom of Socrates……”Know Thyself”

Here are some words I wrote to a student many years ago…..they remain relevant to all who seek…and to myself too, when I get lost, as we all do from time to time.


‘Here is some advice you can think about it or trash it; it’s entirely your choice:

I feel your restlessness, I would go back to lesson one, and I would re-do it, as I don’t really know if you really know what you want, part of the emptiness and the endless seeking is from not truly knowing, who you are and what you want. No amount of knowledge will give you the peace you seek. If I could with the deepest love in my heart I would grab you by both shoulders and say to you…your lesson is to learn how to love yourself, nurture yourself, know yourself, get intimate with self, centre self, be boss of self, all this other stuff is just the dramarama, and keeps you from your center. Stop being everything to everyone else and be there for yourself. How can you find your way on the path, if it is not illuminated by the light of true desire, if we don’t know the true desire, the light is weak, and we cannot see.

Please know I love you, and always want what is best for you.

 Serenity is a gift. It is available to all of us, when we are not focusing on controlling the world, we are trying to control our experience of serenity…back to the drawing board.

I believe that between here and Serenity are the words surrender to self.

Serenity = being with the oneness.

With very deep love,  and respect to you , lovely, may you find yourself


KnowThyselfYourOwnHouseKnowThyself2 (3)

Reflection Crone


Oh incertitude!

You are a rampant torturer.

Hindering the natural flow,

I glance backwards.

Without confidence,

Impeding what moves forwards.

Its reconciliation,

Reflecting tarot’s Star card.

A calcaneus in both worlds,

I am neither here, nor there.

Crossroads pondering,

I Jump headlong.

Taking a leap of faith,

No more hanging by your feet in the mighty oak.

Upside down, crippled, distorted perspectives,

Merge now with your authentic being.

Live your life with inspiration,

Watch all your thoughts and desires.

Open up, to your fullest potential,

Step out of your self-defeating doubts.

Donning your brilliant cloak of creativity,

Let the creative source flow through you.

Open your being to full gratitude,

Watch the Joy unfold and multiply.

Surrender your reflective thoughts,

Weave in your forgiveness.

Uncut the threads of self,

Hem up, any harm done.

Embrace and deepen your living,

Sew in your surrender.

Watch the wise woman emerge,

She is comfortable.

Her intuition guides you,

She speaks the truth.

Conscious in communion,

She is more intense.

Her wits sharpened,

She gracefully turns.

From the mirror,

That journey is done.

Her power is flying,

The days now merge.

Into her brilliance,

She stands firmly on her mantel.

Of wise elder woman,

The deep lines etched of experience.

Now forgotten journeys in her loving face,

Her inner fire burns brightly.

She lets go, she releases,

There is time for all things.

With wisdom and maturity,

She acknowledges and smiles.

As she rides the inevitable round,

The ancestors wait.

Just beyond the veil,

Hands outstretched calling her.

Come home to the Source,

The moon wanes, the veil lifts.

A glimmer of what awaits, unfolds,

She without question steps forward.

Courageous in her Craft,

She prepares for the last journey.

In this cycle, Hekate’s torches shine,

And she follows their light and her Owl.

Arriving at the last crossroads,

She reaches out and takes the key.

Signs off with a sigil on the Earth,

A satisfied smile on her lips, she opens the lock.

Nephthys awaits, reassures her, onwards,

Starting her decent, a crow caws.

She enters the deepest blue of the underworld.

Her journey and passage of returning begins.

~~ © Astarté Earthwise


Deepening in the Golden Air


Clouds can bring you darkness,

Preclude the light you prefer to live in.

As do human beings, events or bruxism,

Know your generous, strong, and courageous heart.

Will always triumph at the final point,

The deeper you profoundly dig.

Into the existence you want to live,

The more quickly the clouds disappear.

As once more the sun emits light again, in your world,

Your heart opens, embracing the Goddess Hathor.

Knowing her love and wisdom begins the deepening,

And once a month when there is no light.

The mysteries are much more brilliant,

The vase of compassion is ours to drink deeper.

Kuan Yin teaches there is nothing required,

Between you and the Divine.

Simply a knowing of your spiritual being,

And the acquisition of releasing others.

© May 2015 Astarté Earthwise



“A witch who forgets the earth upon which she stands, stunts her own spirit.”

~~ Giles Watson


Last night I stood under the half half moon, feeling the equilibrium,

The torment that has had a grip of me…. surrendered.

My right hand reached out and patted a wild animal sitting on the railing of my deck,

This was a first.

As the sky lit  up with the constellation of the Bull,

I too felt the power of Nature.

The power of a witch to sit in both worlds.

The fur felt wonderful under my fingers.

To tame the wild nocturnal beast,

Was to tame my own inner dark beast.

© May 2015 Astarté Earthwise




Ancient serpent, Goddess of fire,

Fullness, dreaming tracks, forward moving.

Compassion, love and transformation,

You are deeply in me fanning my fires.

Seeing that things change for the best,

You burn and singe and destroy.

Yet you give life and renewal once again,

Your flames surround me.

I fall into their soft warmth,

Your warmth Amaterasu.

And in my letting go and my breathing out,

I pour forth the out dated.

Seeping out through the pores of my being,

Goddess Pele is working through my veins.

Keeping the flow happening,

Keeping the cycle moving.

Death, despair, resurrection, renewal,

Held in the arms of the gentle mother.

Surrounded by her fires of love,

And her tears of heartfelt compassion.

I ride the two headed dreamtime serpent,

Across the valleys, up the mountains.

To the depths of the ocean floor and beyond,

As the scales peel back, and are left behind.

I too leave behind my old skin,

I bow to the Sun goddess at the peak of her fullness.

I breathe in the fire of Her wisdom,

I knowingly journey safely ahead.

Forward I move as the peak has now passed,

Light dwindles, days shorten.

I am at peace, the pace is slowing,

The fire is burning in my heart and in my hearth.

The smoke dances with the winds and the trees,

The flame is a glow, burning brightly.

Within me and without me,

I am full and I am empty.

The paradox is the mystery,

I embrace it, and ride my initiation.

~~ © Astarté Earthwise.  April 2015