Where: Limeburner’s Creek, NSW (near Raymond Terrace in the Hunter valley of NSW)
When: Fortnightly 10.00am – 12.00pm  – Check our calendar to make sure this event is still on and RSVP there to be kept updated.
Website & RSVP:
Details: We meet for ongoing workshops and shared information twice a month.  You can join us at anytime, and attend as it suits you.

Pagans at Lunch –  Meet & Greet Monthly

Where: Medowie Macadamia Cafe – Out on the very back table, look for our candle.  Situated on a 12 Acre Working Macadamia Farm  672 Medowie Road, Medowie                 When: The Fourth Wednesday of every month 12.30pm – 2.00pm                                 Website & RSVP:                                                                Details: A gathering and opportunity to join us for lunch, meet some of our tribe, and get a feel for the kind of people we are and what we have to offer you and the broader community.


Earthwise was First founded in 1993 on the Northern Beaches of Sydney NSW AUSTRALIA.

In our 24 years of Tradition I  have moved our original coven stead to the East Coast of the USA in 2000, back to Australia in 2003. Then  to the South Western and the Western suburbs of Sydney. In  the Spring of 2010 I  relocated to the Hunter Valley of NSW, I am now living on a 3rd farm.

We meet for Monthly Lunches, Workshops and work together on many other projects and events. Our hope is that Earthwise becomes a beacon to assist people on their path of personal growth, as well as to help deepen individual and group understanding and connection to the Sacred that is within, as well as without.

We invite you to attend our Meetups and Workshops.



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I find each and every experience fascinating, and thrive on the knowledge and experiences gained on both an intellectual and spiritual level.

My eyes have been opened to so many things that I simply could not have learned when I was practicing solo, and learning from books.

I have found support, laughter and friendship within the group to balance and expand my journey.

Astarte herself is the very embodiment of a “Wise woman”, who balances a cavernous depth of knowledge, with good humour and a genuine caring attitude. I appreciate her “non fluffy” no nonsense style of teaching, and I am particularly thankful for her teaching Witchcraft specifically for Australians, through her understanding of indigenous culture.  – Blessings, Skyla.

I feel fortunate that I get a chance to receive some of Astarte’s knowledge. She is a fountain of wisdom. Her information is pure, generous, deep, non-judgmental, uncomplicated and the base of all things that matter. It is obvious that she is not only an excellent teacher of her craft, but a true practitioner of it too, which is very inspirational. I feel that by participating in her workshops I can become a better human being. I am more in touch and tune with nature, the universe and spirituality. This brought light, motivation, hope and balance into my life. I can highly recommend participating in her workshops, no matter what religious background or believe system one may have. – Blessed be Kathi

I have been attending Astarte’s workshops, full moon rituals and Sabbat celebrations since February 2007 and could not be more grateful for the knowledge, compassion, wisdom and care that Astarte imparts and also puts into everything she does! Astarte is a natural, genuine and talented teacher who encourages us to think for ourselves and become not only the best witches we can be, but the best people too. The workshops and just being part of Earthwise has brought stability and peace to my life, not to mention lots of great friends! – Love and Light, Shireen

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed attending Astarte’s workshops. She is a warm, kind, generous person and a delightful teacher. Her knowledge and personal experience regarding witchcraft is abundant. I’m grateful she also has worked with Aboriginal Elders and integrates the spiritual practice of the original custodians of this land into the workshops and ceremonies……Jennifire

“I am new to the ‘magick’ path and at the beginning of my journey I heard about Astarte’s Sunday workshops.  I decided to attend one to see what it was all about and am now a regular.  I have found myself gaining knowledge that I would not have learnt from just reading a book, and Astarte presents the material in an easy and relaxed way.  I am currently attending Astarte’s weekly workshops which run for 11 weeks and have found it to be very informative, providing me with safe foundational learning for future work with magick. Whether one is new to this path, or a practicing witch who may need a refresher, these workshops for everyone.  I highly recommend it to all who are serious about Witchcraft-to the coven member or solitary witch-it’s ideal.” – Much love and blessings, BB Julie XX

My Workshops with Astarte have been fundamental to my souls’ journey. The workshops and rituals have helped me learn so much more about myself as well as witchcraft. I’ve found Astarte to be a nurturing person with so much to teach and all the people in our group are amazing and contribute to my learning. – Kristy