Introducing my partner Master of Fire Ismaila Putuenchi.

Ismaila Putuenchi is a modern Bronze-Caster, Sculptor and Artisan, living in Foumban, Cameroon.

Ismaila Putuenchi is in Africa, and Astarte Earthwise in Australia. Together we created this page, as space for us to work together as partners to bring you glimpses of some special ancient foundry sculptured art, and jewellery to the modern world.
This skilled Indigenous tribal work, now over 600 years old, was originally from the Bamoun people of the grassfields (1394–c. -1916) in a pre-colonial Central African State and now in northwest Cameroon. Called the lost wax technique it’s still being crafted by hand and trained down the generations in its entirety.

Ismaila’s sculptures are much more than the average metal castings, as he is a true skilled artist, famous in Foumban, Cameroon, where he works on his creations from his workshop and studio. Thank you for visiting our page, please support us by liking this page, we are very grateful to you.

Photo Graphic © by Kader Prince Hamed Nchare, August 2022
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Master of Fire – Ismaila Putuenchi – Sculptor &Artisan