With the Gods willing…Finally!!! Our First Harvest.

We really were on the back foot when we moved on to the farm at the beginning of Winter. We were both very excited about finally having a great vegetable garden that we… Continue reading

Another Book to Devour!

I was very excited when this book arrived – By Andrew D. Chumbley – THE LEAPER BETWEEN. An Historical Study of the Toad-Bone Amulet; Its Form, Function and Praxis in Popular Magic. Now… Continue reading

Hey You!

“Put the magnifying glass down and pick up the mirror”

The Crooked Path

Behind you, the path twists from side to side, like a serpent, and before you it rises and falls like the waves of the sea. But beneath your feet, the path is straight… Continue reading

The Bare Bones of the Traditional Pagan Worldview

The “general” Traditional Pagan worldview is simple, indeed; it says, very basically, that: -The Land under our feet and all around us is the presence of a most sacred, living reality; -That we… Continue reading

The Quickening

This is the time of the Quickening, things are changing, if you merge with the sacred landscape, you can feel it in your bones, and you can connect with the oneness. The lambs… Continue reading

August Frost

Nature is wearing a shimmering coat of soft white ice crystals this morning, with sparkling frozen dew drops near the ground. The beautiful Earth we are blessed to walk upon formed this outfit… Continue reading

A lesson From Duck

A Lesson from Duck…. Today I am grateful for the slings and arrows from others, as they offer me the opportunity to strengthen my core sense of self. Most of the time, the… Continue reading


In the depth of winter change can enter our lives silently, this change can be just as important as the change you may have worked hard for, have you noticed the seasonal changes… Continue reading