Every moment is precious, live life to its very fullest, drink it up!

Walking Your Talk

Here is a list of character strengths to aim for. Persistence, optimism, humility, love, kindness, creativity, social intelligence, self-regulation, and gratitude. Adding these tools to our service work kit as witches, will see… Continue reading

Magick in the Garden!

Sometimes we miss some of the most magickal moments, when they are right there in front of us! Yesterday I was out taking some photos of the garden and I thought I’d take… Continue reading


Friends lifted my spirits today, I know I’ve been difficult to be around with so much going on, on so many levels, thank you for your love and care the last few days.… Continue reading

Life is Sacred

Life is sacred. You are alive; you are a sacred being. Connect with that sacredness. Look for it in every beating heart. In every form life touches. Let your self shine in the… Continue reading

I am Pagan

I am pagan that means my life progresses as does my growth in harmony and synchronicity with Nature. As a pagan I follow the movements here on earth and above me in the… Continue reading

Food for Thought

We live in a world of Addiction – Alcohol, Drugs, Gambling, Food, Relationships, Sex. Obsessive Compulsion, Control, etc – A Wiseperson’s  thought to help – “For an addict, our substances or processes are our… Continue reading


THE EARTHWISE WHEEL OF THE YEAR © Astarte Earthwise 2005 JANUARY – In much of Australia the desolating effects of the sun are peaking. Bushfires threaten many regions. Brilliant colours of Hibiscus, Frangipani,… Continue reading

Crystals of Quartz

Under the waxing moon in Aquarius today I prepared the beautiful quartz crystals and moonstones for the year ahead to be exposed and worked on through rituals for whoever needs them, they are… Continue reading