Earthwise Wheel Graphic Poster 2017

You may download this for free by simply pressing on the link above it will download to your computer.

This is your personal calendar of Pagan Holy Days Designed accurately using Astrology for The Southern Hemisphere In Australia 

Don’t be confused anymore about what dates and times to celebrate the Pagan/Wiccan / Witch Holy Days, here is a concise and accurate Australian calendar showing you the following:

  • Greater Sabbats Dates & Times.
  • Lesser Sabbats Dates & Times.
  • New Moon Dates, Times and Astrological Signs.
  • Full Moon Dates, Times, and Astrological Signs.

Total Solar Eclipses Dates & Times.

Annular Solar Eclipses Dates & Times.

Penumbral Lunar Eclipses Dates & Times.

Mercury Retrograde Dates & Times.