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  • Gold


    Deep Blessings from the heart of butterflies and moths I took this picture in Te Horo in New Zealand 3 years ago, isn’t Nature a true gift indeed, all that shimmers is gold 

  • Captured Today….Dragonfly

    Captured Today….Dragonfly

    In memory of the beautiful Gillian Jetson, the woman who rides the dragons, with deep love and fond smiles.

  • Bee on Bush Basil

  • A Garden’s Health

    A Garden’s Health

    This morning whilst foraging through the vegetable patch for some produce to turn into salads, I stumbled upon this tiny little fellow only 25mm in length. Looking as cute as a button there it was perched on a heirloom zucchini leaf and hidden under another, it bought a big warm grin to my face, not…

  • Magick in the Garden!

    Sometimes we miss some of the most magickal moments, when they are right there in front of us! Yesterday I was out taking some photos of the garden and I thought I’d take a shot of one of the Gerbera’s, and it wasn’t till I down loaded the photos that I noticed this little lady bug snuggling…