I currently own & operate the following metaphysical store.

I sell beautiful positive energy products and unique gifts to enhance your life, your journey and your spiritual development.

My products are sourced from only positive ethical sources, many are wildcrafted, blended, or handmade by me, full of power and full intention.

I source locally and overseas, trying to find you unique and special products and goods.

This is not a part time interest, this is what I put my energy into everyday, so that you may know you are buying the best quality at the best prices.

I want you to have affordable potent products for yourself, your rituals, your development and your home.

All products are naturally consecrated, and full of positive energy.

This is a tobacco smoke free, environment, but full of charged smoke from natural herbs, resins and woods.

I am a practitioner of the craft, magician, healer, teacher and wisewoman.

I walk my talk and do this work fulltime.

I can also make up individual potent items for you , just ask me.

This store has been running for 22 years and currently has over 1,500 items.

Simply click on the picture below or above to enter the store