Earthwise Book Club Fortnightly


 Where: Stroud District Country Club– Out on the very back/side Verandah, just ask the staff.  Situated on a working golf course, with picturesque country views.  164 Bucketts Way, Stroud NSW 2425.                 When: Wednesdays fortnightly, starting 23rd February 2022 –  10.00am – 12.00pm

RSVP:  or phone 0409986095 for further details                     

Details:  This is event is FREE,  and as Covid Safe as we can make it.

Join us every fortnight at the Stroud District Country Club for our Earthwise Book Club. Here we will read and discuss within this time frame the books by Ronald Hutton, British Professor of History, and Shani Oates the maid of the Clan of the Tubal Cain.
For the first fortnight we will be reading  Ronald Hutton’s Stations of the Sun : A History of the Ritual Year in Britain and the second fortnight we will be reading Shani Oates’ Tubelo’s Green Fire : Mythos, Ethos, Female, Male & Priestly Mysteries of the Clan of Tubal Cain. Alternating each book fortnightly.

Stations of the Sun – Comprehensive and engaging, this colourful study covers the whole sweep of ritual history from the earliest written records to the present day. From May Day revels and Midsummer fires, to Harvest Home and Hallowe’en, to the twelve days of Christmas, Ronald Hutton takes us on a fascinating journey through the ritual year in Britain. He challenges many common assumptions about the customs of the past, and debunks many myths surrounding festivals of the present, to illuminate the history of the calendar year we live by today.
Tubelo’s Green Fire : Mythos, Ethos, Female, Male & Priestly Mysteries of the Clan of Tubal Cain

This book explores historical and contemporary ideas of witchcraft through the perspective of the Clan of Tubal Cain – a closed Initiatory group aligned to the Shadow Mysteries within the Luciferian stream. As students of art we mediate the ancestral stream, teaching through practice with the sacred tenets of Truth, Love and Beauty. The Word is thus manifest in deed and vision.

The Clan are a people practising the Traditional form of Witchcraft. Here you will learn through Shani’s books historical practises reaching back through centuries of Gypsy-lore, medieval demonology and Sufi techniques, Anglo-Saxon and Celtic witchcraft; back further still in to Indian Tantrism, Bronze-Age animism; and finally to ancient Eastern trance inducing states and processes derived from early shamanic Daoist and Shinto practices of ten thousand years ago. Please note this is not Wicca or Paganism be prepared to experience something very deep, raw and primal. Requiring no elaboration, its power lies within its simplicity. Subtle it is not. Unlike many modern traditions, revived or otherwise, it bears little resemblance to paganism, remaining true to its craft roots.

The founder of the Clan of Tubal Cain was Robert Cochrane his successor was Evan John Jones, who then passed the reins to Shani Oates.

“A driving thirst for knowledge is the forerunner of wisdom. Knowledge is a state that all organic life possesses, wisdom is the reward of the spirit, gained in the search for knowledge. Truth is variable – what is true now, will not be true tomorrow, since the temporal truths are dependent upon ethics and social mores – therefore wisdom is possibly eternal Truth, untouched by man’s condition. So we must come to the heart of the People, a belief that is based upon Eternity, and not upon social needs or pressures – the ‘witch’ belief then is concerned with wisdom, our true name, then is the wise people and wisdom is our aim.”

– – Robert Cochrane (1931-1966)

A gathering and opportunity to join us for kinship, meet some of our tribe, and get a feel for the kind of people we are and what we have to offer you and the broader community.

One on One Teaching:

Where: Stroud, NSW 2425
When: By Appointment
Energy exchange, gardening, help around the property, etc…
Details: Astarté is a teacher of the Metaphysical Arts and has been teaching for over 40 years, she will happily take you on as a student to understand the Sacred Artes much better, to build deeper understanding and insight into this oath of self development.


I find each and every experience fascinating, and thrive on the knowledge and experiences gained on both an intellectual and spiritual level.

My eyes have been opened to so many things that I simply could not have learned when I was practicing solo, and learning from books.

I have found support, laughter and friendship within the group to balance and expand my journey.

Astarte herself is the very embodiment of a “Wise woman”, who balances a cavernous depth of knowledge, with good humour and a genuine caring attitude. I appreciate her “non fluffy” no nonsense style of teaching, and I am particularly thankful for her teaching Witchcraft specifically for Australians, through her understanding of indigenous culture.  – Blessings, Skyla.

I feel fortunate that I get a chance to receive some of Astarte’s knowledge. She is a fountain of wisdom. Her information is pure, generous, deep, non-judgmental, uncomplicated and the base of all things that matter. It is obvious that she is not only an excellent teacher of her craft, but a true practitioner of it too, which is very inspirational. I feel that by participating in her workshops I can become a better human being. I am more in touch and tune with nature, the universe and spirituality. This brought light, motivation, hope and balance into my life. I can highly recommend participating in her workshops, no matter what religious background or belief system one may have. – Blessed be Kathi

I have been attending Astarte’s workshops, full moon rituals and Sabbat celebrations since February 2007 and could not be more grateful for the knowledge, compassion, wisdom and care that Astarte imparts and also puts into everything she does! Astarte is a natural, genuine and talented teacher who encourages us to think for ourselves and become not only the best witches we can be, but the best people too. The workshops and just being part of Earthwise has brought stability and peace to my life, not to mention lots of great friends! – Love and Light, Shireen

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed attending Astarte’s workshops. She is a warm, kind, generous person and a delightful teacher. Her knowledge and personal experience regarding witchcraft is abundant. I’m grateful she also has worked with Aboriginal Elders and integrates the spiritual practice of the original custodians of this land into the workshops and ceremonies……Jennifire

“I am new to the ‘magick’ path and at the beginning of my journey I heard about Astarte’s Sunday workshops.  I decided to attend one to see what it was all about and am now a regular.  I have found myself gaining knowledge that I would not have learnt from just reading a book, and Astarte presents the material in an easy and relaxed way.  I am currently attending Astarte’s weekly workshops which run for 11 weeks and have found it to be very informative, providing me with safe foundational learning for future work with magick. Whether one is new to this path, or a practicing witch who may need a refresher, these workshops are for everyone.  I highly recommend it to all who are serious about Witchcraft-to the coven member or solitary witch-it’s ideal.” – Much love and blessings, BB Julie XX

My Workshops with Astarte have been fundamental to my soul’s journey. The workshops and rituals have helped me learn so much more about myself as well as witchcraft. I’ve found Astarte to be a nurturing person with so much to teach and all the people in our group are amazing and contribute to my learning. – Kristy

Earthwise was First founded in 1993 on the Northern Beaches of Sydney NSW AUSTRALIA.

In our 29 years of Tradition I have moved our original covenstead from Sydney’s Northern Beaches to the East Coast of the USA in 2000, back to Australia in 2003. Then to the South Western and the Western suburbs of Sydney. In the Spring of 2010 I  relocated to the Hunter Valley of NSW, where I lived on 3 separate farms. I am now living in a small (less than 1,000 people) country town on the Mid North Coast, nested in the Karuah Valley, between blue hills and mountains of delicious gum trees.

We meet for a Fortnightly Book Club, run Workshops and work together on many other projects and events. Our hope is that Earthwise becomes a beacon to assist people on their path of personal growth, as well as to help deepen individual and group understanding and connection to the Sacred that is within, as well as without.

We invite you to attend our Meetups and Workshops.


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