Astarté brings over 45 years of experience and compassion…..

Available by appointment on selected days as well as after hours.

Astarté is pronounced (A-STAR-TAY)


I am a Genuine Psychic, Clairvoyant, Medium and Intuitive Therapist, and Consultant.

 I have been reading for over 45 years.

I am very accurate, compassionate and caring.

I read with the Morgan Greer Tarot Cards, Guides, Ancestors, and I scry into my Crystal Balls, and Curios to assist you.

I am also a Healer, Reiki Practitioner, Wise-Woman, Root Worker, Caster, Consultant, Magician, and a Teacher.

I read directly for you over the telephone, so you may ask as many questions as you need answered in the time of your personal reading.

I am located in the Mid-North Coast of NSW, Australia, in the village of Stroud, where my maternal ancestors first settled in the 1800’s,  my relatives where born here from Scottish, Irish,  and Norse Heritage, unknown to me at the time, they led me here.


Though born in Australia, I have also lived in the United States of America on the East Coast, where I learnt Root-Work, and Southern Hoodoo Folk Magic, from African Americans. Here in Australia I’ve been initiated into women’s business and medicine with an Indigenous Lore/Law Keeper of the Wiradjuri Nation. My teachings and path also come from a Traditional Clan  in the United Kingdom. And yes I work globally.

Your Tarot Reading and Consultation will last for a minimum of 30 minutes this gives us both plenty of time to focus on your needs and give you the guidance you require and the answers to your questions.

This reading can be done at a time that suits you, either day or evening.

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 You may also purchase a reading as a gift for someone else!

I have worked at “Lifeforce Books” in Bondi Junction, “Living Energies” in Glebe and Manly Beach, “Mysteries” in both Balmain and Penrith, “Earthly Times” in Liverpool and “Penny Moon” in Bankstown, Time to Set – Lakeside, Chic & Antique – Dungog, Sumeru – Tea Gardens, Hyde & Silk – Maitland, Vitamin Bead – Tea Gardens, Limeburners Creek, Bolwarra Heights, Clarence Town, Eagleton, and Stroud.

I have read in Australia and the United States where I lived for 3 years. (2000~2003)

 Now I choose to only to work from my home with a clientele that keep returning to me.

 This lifetime I have dedicated my time to service and the community, as a Intuitive Counsellor, Consultant, Healer,  and Mentor.

 You will find me very down to earth and a good communicator. I am genuinely here to help and support you.

 Sometimes we just need another perspective or someone to talk our thoughts over with, please know that I will listen.

 I love and enjoy my work.

Costs: For 1/2 hour reading (Half Hour)

Phone $80.00 AU  – $55.00 US  – $52.00 EUR

Costs: For 1 hour reading (Full Hour)

Phone $160.00 AU –  $110 US – $104 EUR

Payment in Australia is required before the reading, I can take this via credit card, and supply a receipt, via direct deposit into my bank account  (money will need to be received before reading )

Payment from overseas only accepted through Paypal please contact me for currency conversion outside the zones mentioned.
Pay me directly through PayPal

Please Phone or Text to make your Appointment and Payment

Phone: 0409 986 095

Thank you for taking a look at my Page

 I truly look forward to doing your reading soon

Wise & Blessed Be


** If you have a Facebook account you can watch this video below, which gives you more insight to how I work. Just click on the text or the picture.

A chat with Astarte, a Traditional Wisewoman & Healer

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Very accurate

5 / 5
Astarte was very accurate from the start. She tells it how it is, in a compassionate and direct way. The things you want to hear and also may find hard to hear, that are said to help you. I would recommend Astarte and return for another reading in future. Thank you.
Quality:5 / 5 Reliability:5 / 5 Friendliness:5 / 5
May 2020

Five star plus service

5 / 5
Astarte Is very genuine and caring One of the best healers I have had the pleasure to meet Thank you so much for all your help Blessings Risto
Quality:5 / 5 Reliability:5 / 5 Friendliness:5 / 5
May 2020

I found Astarte very insightful and relevant

5 / 5
Astarte was very accurate and described those around me, including ones who have passed over with accuracy. She validated the journey I am currently undertaking, from the emotional, spiritual and mental state. She had a nurturing and kind nature when addressing my questions and would elaborate further when needed. I highly recommend Astarte.
Quality:5 / 5 Reliability:5 / 5 Friendliness:5 / 5
May 2020

Very accurate and informative physic reading

5 / 5
Astarte is generous with the time she takes to give an accurate reading, and has a caring nature which allows you to feel comfortable. Astarte is very forthcoming with any information she perceives and is open to further questions you have regarding the reading. I would highly recommend Astarte for any spiritual guidance. Astarte is very gifted and you will not be disappointed.. SW
Quality:5 / 5 Reliability:5 / 5
Friendliness:5 / 5
May 2020


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