Astarté Earthwise is 58 years old, and lives, works, and plays in the beautiful and lush Hunter Valley of NSW in Australia. She loves living on the land, and follows the path of her ancestors as well as one of deep service to community.

Astarté is pronounced (A-STAR-TAY)

She is a wild-woman, practicing the traditional arts of folk & cunning magic, and the old craft, working as a village witch.

The heart of her path is honouring the ancestors of this land, as well as the ancestors of her blood. She works with the help, guidance and connection of the ancient Gods, the Spirits and Totems of this land and its seasonal Cycles.

She passionate about wild-crafting, herbalism, photography, astrology, birds, cows, gardening, poetry, Australian ethnobotany, growing her own food, reading, writing and anything to do with Nature.

Astarté teaches the Earthwise Tradition of Witchcraft, and has been initiated into the waters of women’s ceremony. Taken through corroboree and birthing rituals, partaking in these Indigenous rituals, connected her even deeper to this land of her birth. Astarté has also been initiated into the Goat Fold from the British Islands, which is a craft that came to Australia with the very first fleet.

Currently she is personally working with the books, and through the teachings of the Clan of Tubal Cain in the UK, Powerful Magic, Secrets from the Inner Circle by Leonora Jackson in Australia, Primal Witchcraft of Mark Alan Smith in Spain, The Dragon Book of Essex by Andrew D. Chumbley, and is inspired by the mythical theories of Nag Hammadi and other Gnostic writings, and the Sophianic Visionary Story, as presented by John Lamb Lash.

Astarté has learnt a lot about the bush, its medicine, bush tucker, and completed a bush regeneration course in 1999 and finds joy in passing on this knowledge. She has been teaching the metaphysical arts for 38 years now, a healer, intuitive therapist, medium, psychic, clairvoyant, workshop facilitator, metaphysical store owner and witch.

Astarté is compassionate and caring, the kind of wise-woman that will leave you feeling comforted, more at peace and empowered to create what you want in your life, after a reading, teachings or healing with her care.

Astarté has also worked in the following fields throughout her life; she is both grounded and successful.

Artist in Advertising Industry – Disc Jockey  – Public Address Announcer –  Fashion Industry – Cleaner – Electric & Lighting Industry – Food Industry –  Receptionist –  Building Supply Industry – Retail Sales –  Window Dresser – Towing & Logistics Industry – Pigeon Fancier & Racer – Customer Service – Various Local Government Positions – Waste Management –  Property Management & Development –  Construction Industry  –  Company Administrator  – Company Director – Multimedia Industry.