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Thank You Damien Echols

“I believe there are only two unstoppable forces in the universe. One is love, the other is intelligence. I also believe that a person’s capacity to love is directly related to their intelligence level, just as hate corresponds to a person’s level of ignorance. The only thing that makes it impossible for the system to destroy you and grind your spirit into nothing is to be more intelligent than it is.”

― Damien Echols

I believe this man’s wisdom and grace has actually saved my life and the lives of many, his brand of magick is both authentic and potent as is his being, thank you Damien Echols, thank you. ❤

October’s Sunrise Beltane Tide

Here in Australia, the spring Maiden and the young Lord of the Bush clumsily tumble from the windy and heady heights of the Eastern Hill they roll down the hill in a rush and surprise into the Beltane paddock now littered with spent wattle, callistemon, grevillea and soft rich grass.

It is here they finally give into their Beltane desires. With the sap rising strong in the bush, and the birds and the bees, chirping and buzzing, Beltane is a time of rich sexuality. The earth pulses beneath them and their union, the land is transformed, across the top end the rivers, creeks and waterfalls flow, they also are transformed, He is King and She becomes Queen.

Now together, transformed and powerful they dance in the footsteps of their ancestors across the rainbow serpent tracks of the dreaming. They are magnificent and terrifying all at once; this union is full of passion and creativity, joy and inspiration, as they sway and swirl over this red earthed sunburnt country.

Together we will dance and weave our way around the rainbow serpent, connected by ribbons, and we will build energy, we will focus on transformation for ourselves, and for our precious land to be free of the current drought. Though a fire festival, we will be using our inner fire due to fire restrictions at this time of year.

Lugh’s Harvest Ends

Healing forest waters……bringing back the the abundant life that was so parched by the years of drought and fires.

Morning light captures the beauty of Nature in all Her sweet rawness.

We now walk…..with the mornings fog…..and dew on the land……towards the west gate…..opposite the place of the rising sun in the east that gave us light for the last 6 months……that fed Lugh’s luscious corn and barley.

We now make our journey……the leaf litter soft……spongy like a carpet of stories…..unfolding from the bush…..with each precious step we take forward.

Wandering in the mornings with the Wallabies…..their inquisitive heads poking out above the long fertile summer grasses in flower.

Afternoons we stroll……with the galah’s seeking out new homes…..they screech with the delight of their abundance…we too find our delight in the coolness….the turning in….the rotting down of summer…..towards the deep waters of the changing time.

Shedding more……as we too let go… the season disperses her fruits, flowers and seeds…..collecting these gifts, and insights.

Lughnasadh now behind us…..we make our way…..carrying us forward towards…. the nearing sunset……the imminent dusk of the year to come.

Our thoughts turn towards autumn…..leaf fall…..Autumn Equinox…..harvests end…..Alban Elfed….the light of the water.

As the days shorten……the path of shadows then darkness unfolds……the sun grows older……as does our wisdom…..on our eternal journey through the forest of life. ❤