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A Light in the Dark

Hey beautiful people of the Earth our great Mother, a gentle nudge if I may. I would like to remind everyone that the Covid-19 is also a part of Nature. Not to be feared but respected, for teaching us more about ourselves, and our behaviour. ❤

Don’t feed the fear, stay safe, prepare as much as you can. And remember what ever approach you take, Is the right one for you. We need to honour that, each brother and sister is a part of humanity, and as such we are free to make choices. Your judgement builds anxiety.

Come back to your sacred center, the center of your very being. Ground. Breathe deeply and know that we are riding a wave of Nature, trust the ancient Goddess, trust the eternal Mother, let go the anxiety, the fear. Feed your soul peace, deep peace.

Dark moon in the sign of Mothering Cancer, remind us that we are all family, being held by you, as we also hold each other. May the spark of divinity, ignite under your love into all our hearts.

Open your hearts, let there be no separation, for we are one. May you be returned to your deepest peace in your place in this beautiful human race. May the great work continue, may we be filled with the light that is needed through the darkness, so mote it be ❤

With love
Astarté Earthwise ❤