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  • Deepest Autumn Blessings for the New Year

    Deepest Autumn Blessings for the New Year

    The afternoon shadows call to me, they stretch out across the lawn and the paddocks before me. I hear a frog behind me; the breeze is gently blowing from the south-east. Afternoons like this are precious to my soul. Peace and quiet and the sounds of Nature around me. Butcherbirds compete, flies buzz around me,…

  • Love the land, Love the Man

    Love the land, Love the Man

    There is no moonlight yet, as the lunar light has not emerged over the distant hills, it’s nearing 8.00pm and all is dark moist and still here. I reflect on my day, and the Nature in it. I walked my arthritic dog at first light this morning, encouraging him to come with me; he has…

  • Earth Forest Self Lighting Incense

    Earth Forest Self Lighting Incense

    This is the latest edition to my store DESCRIPTION Earth Forest Self-Lighting Incense Powder. An earthy fire centred mix of the most respected Sandalwood & Balsam Fir the King of the Pine Trees! Bring the spirit of the forests and the old ones into your workings with this incense mix. Open your animal heart to…

  • Nightfall Magick

    Nightfall Magick

    When you live in a place where there are no streetlights, the length of the sunsets, and the rays of the moonrise are lights that dance on every fibre of your being, Nature not only touches you, She caresses your very soul. And the new moon night sky is your scrying mirror for powerful divination.…



    Working with the ancestors requires and appreciation of paradox, all potential and nothing exists simultaneously for as the old Witch saying goes. “Truth is most oft found twixt the horns.”

  • Full Moon Poison Harvest

    We are expecting some moderate flooding rains over this long weekend here, and the rain has just started, so with this knowledge in hand I decided to do some harvesting for my next batch of rather potent flying ointment, everything I am using is fresh from the farm here except for the Mandrake root and…

  • 13 Mystery Gatherings for Women in the Hunter Valley of NSW

    13 Mystery Gatherings for Women in the Hunter Valley of NSW

    Thirteen Mystery Gatherings for Women   Meeting on the 13th of each month throughout 2013. (at different times depending on the day of the week) A gathering to celebrate and deepen women’s intuitive ways of knowing, linked to Nature, the body, and the mystery of transformation. Here we will honour a fourfold divinity, the ancestors, the seven sacred…

  • Australian Bush-Crafted Besoms

    Australian Bush-Crafted Besoms

    This was wild-crafted by me, from fallen Gum Tree branches and Casuarina (She Oak) leaves. Here on the farm where I live. A very Australian Besom! I’ve tied it all together with Australian spun and died wool, dabbed some craft glue and fastened a sterling silver pentacle to the front! On one of my walks…