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Bowerbird Dreaming


The most beautiful sounds are coming from the other side of my office window this morning and through yesterday’s afternoon, a female Bowerbird has decided to build a nest right there, feeling very blessed with her presence and the timely message from the spirit world.

One thing is for sure when you truly tune in and work with the totemism of this continent here in Australia, its natural spirituality, you are always shown clearly with the notice that you need to face either what is right in front of you, or what is just ahead, I am always amazed at just how accurate this system is.

For quarter of a decade now I have been attuned to totemism, reading the flora and the fauna of this unique teaching place, and the story she tells, each plant, animal, insect, reptile all hold a place of presence in my heart.

Here there is an intimate relationship between my observances and the first peoples rituals, their modes of thoughts and customs, for here lies the essence of Australia’s folklore and fairy story. The “unconscious” impulses, ideas and thoughts which do not permeate into the consciousness of our modern world.

So your arrival dear new friend has me discovering more and more about you, how though you may visit a few pretty shiney bowers you actually are a loner a solitaire if you like, building your own nest, and doing so with great care. A bit like myself you are an independant female. Your lesson is very clear that we can become a shiny being on our own, in the safety of a nest we have built with our own two talons.

The Indigenous people called you the “Ghost Bird”, I think that is more about spirit than ghosts probably misinterpreted by scholars , as you are also known to bring the bones of ancestors into your nest. You are methodical and creative with what you bring into your nest, showing us that we too need to be careful about what we bring into our lives, take our time, build slowly.

As I observe you I see that you are intelligent, cautious and shy as you build your nest, yet you sing and mimic the sound of those around you, there is so much joy as you create and sing in your hidden little world here in the bush

What a gift you bring me today, thank you female bower!