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The Blessed Waters

Look deeply into the greening and guess who you will find having a party out there!…..and this one is in fancy dress! Reflecting the turning in tide, as the testosterone builds once more….and the rut begins… hoofs…. stirring our delicate red earth….made for only paws…. the guttural tones of the horned one…cry out through the starlit evenings across the valley floor……seeking His release…..along with the frogs and all the critters that need the blessed water…. precious water that has re-nourished Mother Earth. Swollen are Her dams….creeks are running….and the rivers reach out over the land onto the flats here again  So grateful to see Her green gown in all its glory…. as His strength weakens, and the equinox approaches, the land here is soaking up what exposed Her bones….. burnt her forests…..and relief is felt within and without, with deep deep gratitude for the sacred water 


Such a joy to wake up to full tanks, dams filling up, and the sound of squelch squelch under your gumboots, and the land sighs and moans with the ecstacy of fertility that Mabon brings yet again as we travel to the West the place of water we find Her Reflections all around us.

The water falling helps with the rotting down of Summer, just as our tears flowing help to assist our releasing and removal of what may be rotting away inside of us.

Beautiful tools to assist our spiraling journey through Autumn to Winter with the releasing and the letting go.

The beautiful Earth Mother shows us the way, our roots are once again nourished by Her waters, giving us the strength to release what we need, shake loose all that that binds you, and stops you soaring.

Trust yourself to the Water, relax, you cannot hold its sides, float, and rise above, for water will hold you when you dont struggle.

Just as life will hold you when you surrender to your fears and you too will feel the flow in your life.

Water, beautiful life giving and affirming Water thank you for reminding me that I belong to everything.