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You felt abandoned the moment you were separated from the Creator, the Source, Light Energy, your form of God or Goddess. The moment you were born, this wound was open, the pain began of your abandonment, despite what you have experienced and lived through.

Your task on Earth is to heal this original wound, by returning to that “Energy” that released you… Find your way home, Your heart knows the way ❤

A Light in the Dark

Hey beautiful people of the Earth our great Mother, a gentle nudge if I may. I would like to remind everyone that the Covid-19 is also a part of Nature. Not to be feared but respected, for teaching us more about ourselves, and our behaviour. ❤

Don’t feed the fear, stay safe, prepare as much as you can. And remember what ever approach you take, Is the right one for you. We need to honour that, each brother and sister is a part of humanity, and as such we are free to make choices. Your judgement builds anxiety.

Come back to your sacred center, the center of your very being. Ground. Breathe deeply and know that we are riding a wave of Nature, trust the ancient Goddess, trust the eternal Mother, let go the anxiety, the fear. Feed your soul peace, deep peace.

Dark moon in the sign of Mothering Cancer, remind us that we are all family, being held by you, as we also hold each other. May the spark of divinity, ignite under your love into all our hearts.

Open your hearts, let there be no separation, for we are one. May you be returned to your deepest peace in your place in this beautiful human race. May the great work continue, may we be filled with the light that is needed through the darkness, so mote it be ❤

With love
Astarté Earthwise ❤

Opening Up


Nature teaches us the power and beauty of opening up, if we stay closed we cannot share our unique perfume with the world, we cannot attract the bees and other insects to pollinate our center. Nor can we experience the joy of letting go, and transforming from bud to seed. Thank you Goddess for this beautiful teaching place here on earth with your gifts that surround us in lessons for life. Today I am so grateful for the lessons from a beautiful red rose, and the exhilarating scent that opens my heart. Deep happiness on your day  


Beltane Blessings…..on this All Hallows Eve…

Beltane Blessings…..on this All Hallows Eve…

She is Sun Moon and Stars, woven into the dense fabric of His dark mantle; locked together in an eternal universal embrace, they dance the cosmos into all realities. She animates all creation; Mistress of the earth, the heavens and the mighty oceans, He is Creation in all its forms…. Together they dance all measure of your reality…
~~ Shani Oates

The Quickening


The living flame within my heart,

Dances and Whispers your many names.

Ancient One, Goddess, Mother of All,

Thank you for guiding me to hear your call.


I stand by the waters of my many tears,

Reflecting, scrying becoming a seer.

I breathe deeply; I breathe your sweet air,

Finding my voice, letting go of the fear.


I kneel down before your sacred fires,

Getting Burnt, gives me insight to see the liars.

© Astarté Earthwise January 2015


The Void


Here I sit in Her Void
Stirrings, Emotions, Grief
Connection, Bliss, Devotion
Cauldron of Potential
This place of possibilities
Deep, Deep Thoughts
Rawness, Exposure
Compassion, Love
I sit on the see saw
Of Paradox
On the edge of Gnosis
Breathe, Deeply Breathe
Live in this moment
A second chance
To be reborn
With choices
A new beginning
A chance
Fills me
Thank you

© Astarté Earthwise Dec 2014

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