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Growth – My Descent


My Descent

Inanna please interlace my left hand, Artemis my right,

I need to claim your natural abilities as I start my descent,

Inanna the time has come, for the releasing of my outdated judgement

The falling apart, and the passage to the darkest places yet

This time however, the journey is within me, deeper darker we go

Artemis lady of the beasts, shield me on the journey

I need your warrior spirit, your arrows to hit the right point

To face my wildest deepest, darkest places, I call you

To cradle me, the midwife of my body and soul

Here we meet together the rotting carcass of my judgement

A gift, the fertile soil beneath it, requires my falling apart

Finding my authentic self, my integrity, my reasoning for judgement

To understand, why I got so dam lost, why I harmed me in the process

My assessment, my decisions have turned into a painful gift

That has bought me to this very moment, the awakening

To the source, the trickle, of the creative source

Within me lives the Goddess, The source

The great ocean that connects us all, the power

The primordial sea, the creative source, herself.

Goddess hear my call

Teach me how to embody all the transformations

To be the reaper and the reaped

I need to go through all the changes myself

A deepening , deeper,  understanding

I am the Harvest, this is my wake too

I am the sacred grain

This grain I sow deep in my fertile soil

With new awareness, the cycle continues

The gifts are all

The sower, the reaper, the reaped and the Bread of Life

Just as this bread nourishes

May my path to Her nourish the world.

© Astarté Earthwise February 2015

After I wrote this poem, I travelled north to visit my mother, after being there a few days my mother came towards me with a pendant, asking me if I would like this pendant of hers, as she thought I may like it because of it’s pagan theme. I was blown away, as I had this poem in my heart and this beautiful pendant below became a gift to let me know that I was truly doing Her work to have such a special piece of jewellery be gifted to me at this special time in my life. Synchronicity!