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Every part of this Land is sacred to the people I hold close to my heart,

Every single gum leaf, coastal cliff, mountain valley, and desert,

Every vapour of eucalyptus, peppermint, tea tree and fire.

Every taste of mountain devil and callistemon on my lips sweet desire.

Every single gum tree carries the memories of the ancestors of this land,

Every blood spill, every fear is what I now have on my hands.

For everyone,

Is one.

© Astarté Earthwise 2011


Australian Bush-Crafted Besoms


This was wild-crafted by me, from fallen Gum Tree branches and Casuarina (She Oak) leaves. Here on the farm where I live.

A very Australian Besom!

I’ve tied it all together with Australian spun and died wool, dabbed some craft glue and fastened a sterling silver pentacle to the front!

On one of my walks through the paddocks this week I noticed a large dead branch of a Casuarina Tree had come down and had dried out nicely. I though what a waste of such a lovely big branch. So I was inspired to think of something I could do to honour these lovely windbreaks that protect my home when the winds come in strongly from the West.


I was thinking about the fact that the leaves look so much like a little broom, and so that is what I decided they could become, and that I’d make up a few just to see if anyone liked them, so I crafted them. and they are now for sale in my store, I think I might make some more as time permits and as branches become available.


Every witch needs a besom, a good besom, and these are just great!

Handcrafted & Wild-crafted broom crafted of 100% organic materials.

Here is a really useful ritual tool, this sweet little besom will enhance altar space, or may also be used simply as a decoration.

Besom is the old-world term for a broom which is used for more than just sweeping.

Here is a link to the store if you are interested, just type besom into the search box and what is available will come up.