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What has happened to this word, its morals and its energy?

When white man first landed on these shores he had little respect…It seems that continues to grow in this continent, to a point where it’s become so dangerous, especially to women, the very lack of it.

Respect does NOT have to be earnt, patriarchy talking there, with fists on chest!

Respect comes naturally when you open your heart, respect is self-knowledge, and it is the highest expression of love.

It’s becoming very clear that often lack of respect is often self-loathing. If you cannot respect someone, the fauna, the flora, the planet then do work on yourself, dig deeper; find your impediment against love. Having respect, will bring you love, and bring you respect.

© Astarté Earthwise.

Photo: Collecting Pinion Pine resin, honouring it, and respecting it for the inward, turning in, work ahead. Hare energy, keeps her eyes open, as I close mine into the deeper dreaming of the deep Autumn tide and the foggy, heralding, mists of Samhain!