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Wintertime Reaping


We have experienced our rattling perennial August winds here at the farm for the last couple of weeks. At times it’s been difficult to be outside in it, especially as we have the William’s river all around us in almost a circle, it blows even harder.


I am always looking for opportunities from Nature, and this annual blustery event is perfect for harvesting.

This morning on my walk, I bent to reap a basketful of naturally fallen leaves. I gathered up some red river gum leaves to use for smudging and smoking ceremonies.


I will go back later when time is available and gather the fallen branches also for wand making.

Part of the path of my spirituality is always being aware of what’s laying around on the ground near you.

Make time when you can to get outside take a walk and see what Nature has gifted you on the Wintery winds.

Now is the time to harvest your native smudging leaves for the year ahead, take advantage of this time!


Maybe start making some fire wands from fallen branches and take the time to be creative and gift them to like minded friends or people in you coven for Litha – Summer Solstice (Christmas gifts).

You could use Natures Calendar to start the work at Spring Equinox (when the sun moves into the sign of Libra), charge them at the cross quarter holy day Beltane (when the sun is at 15 degrees Scorpio) and gift them at Litha – Summer Solstice (when the sun moves into the sign of Capricorn).

In my tradition we use the Fire Wand in the North, our totem is the Rainbow Serpent. Maybe you could incorporate a Serpent into your wand!

Happy Harvesting!