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I initiated my Tuesday by watering under the moonlight, attended by my feathered friends with the big clacking beaks, the kookaburras. They see so well and like me, they are the first ones around, way before sunrise. Their laughter keeps me company in the magick stillness before dawn, these in-between times are full of activity, seen and felt by the senses.

As the streaky clouds in the east are painted exquisite pinks and golds by Natures pallet, Uri sends her rays before her, creating the light of a new day above the horizon, like the fanfare before her arrival.

I head with my dog into a paddock and down to the dam so he can have his morning swim, and ease his old arthritic bones for a few moments suspended by the weightlessness of his dear friend the water.

Movement on the periphery of my sight captures to my delight a kangaroo joey, by another dam in the adjacent paddock below me, then more movement and three more are revealed, before me now is two joeys and two adults, sadly the protective attitude of the cows chase them on.

And then as splendid as the morning a single bird ascends from the dam below me and takes flight. It is a majestic wedge tail eagle and as if in slow motion, this bird arises like the phoenix spreads his wings and makes his way across the paddock above the kangaroos and into a lower paddock. He circles, skims and dives into another deep cut dam and is hidden yet again.

I turn and head for home, images etched delightfully in my mind, snapshots of joy, remind me of the blessings and gratefulness I feel deep within. For as long as I can remember the essence of my being has had the deepest longing to be able live with Nature, and I am so deeply thankful for being able to live my dream.