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Because of Her we can….


Because of Her we can….

The feminine energy of the indigenous sun…touches my skin, she grows freckles on my skin…my skin was born of this land, so she belongs to this land…

I’ve taken time this week, to reflect, to sit in the sun, and to listen in the dark, I’ve nourished my mind…and stilled my soul.

Firstly I honour and pay respects to Nungeena Tya….our Earth Mother…She gives so much…without Her there would be no human life here.

Here quietly in this sacred space on this land here on the farm, Worimi land, I have quietly celebrated the essential role that the indigenous women have played and continue to play in my life, in community and this entire nation, and the universe.


I would like to thank all Indigenous women for their strength and determination through the atrocities they have lived and breathed, that they carry and that which has come down through their bloodlines and their songlines. I am both grateful and blessed to have listened and to have heard your stories. I am humbled by your raw honesty and tenacity.

I feel your strength growing, and I support your dreams and the dreaming. You have my compassion, empathy, attention and respect.

Two very  special women have personally touched my life deeply and I am a better person for having known them, worked with them and learnt from them.

Maureen Smith – Minmia and Sal Lavallee – Ngarigo Gin I am forever grateful for your friendship, you continue to amaze me with your potency for healing self and for bringing more and more of yourself and your message to the world. Your service, wisdom, writings and your art are miraculous gifts for all women, and humanity.

Thank you deeply, from my heart to yours as I honour you with the deepest of love and respect.

So many Indigenous women, known and unknown, have been my guides on my crooked path, their light shines the way, as does their shadow, and in this naidoc week I acknowledge each and everyone of you.

The bones that lie in this dirt beneath my feet are my ancestors, as are the tall ironbark’s swaying with the gum trees here, I hear their voices and their calls on the breeze.

The blue cloudless skies this week with the post solstice chill, take the green from the paddock grasses, as the light increasing plays patterns on the tall Kangaroo grass, and is more magic at sunset. I am connected to all, we are one.

I love this land, this nation and this continent, it is unique as are its people its flora and fauna, I am humbled every day to wake up in such an enriched environment, of ancient sacredness and clear enthusiastic indigenous young minds, steering our future may we all unite to heal, what was lost.

In ten to twenty years from now the very belligerent patriarchs, and their unbalanced ideals will be laying in this dirt, their ways will be gone forever, a thing of the past…. and all women will breathe easier.

Respect, balance and femininity is rising, wrongs are being righted….and because of Her we now Can!…Yes!!!




Ngarigo Gin

Full Moon in Sagittarius 2018


As we approach the full moon which is full at 12.21am in Sagittarius in the morning, my day has been full of parrots and their sounds, the talkers of the bush. They are the full moon totem I will be working with this month, as they are who have showed up for me, birds are the messengers of spirit, so in turn here is the message.

Sagittarius is about the throat, and how we express ourselves in our physical body and to pair up with parrot I pulled the Devil Tarot card.


A sign to really learn to speak your truth, how important it is to raise our awareness and speak from our hearts, to express our real needs, and be our authentic selves without the restraints (the devil card) of fear.

Time to really break through, to find the courage, and determination with (Pan’s) Saturn’s support.


At a higher level also consider your self-talk, to become aware of what we also say to ourselves, is it positive or negative? Work on that, so that you can turn around any criticism of self. You are and we all are, perfectly imperfect.

You may also work with the gemstone sodalite which assists opening the throat and heals and filters your choice of words.
A crow has been cawing also all day in the background, as I am writing its intensifying so I will also bring in her energy to assist with the change that she supports so well.

Under the light of this beautiful Bahloo wisdom moon that hangs in the sky supporting both Nungeena Tya Mother Earth and Uri Mother Sun.

The Father Moon circles around and is the consort and protector between both of our Mothers.

Father Moon shares his valuable lesson, reflecting back to us the lessons needed here on our teaching place Nungeena Tya.

In my teachings I have learned that my country is Wiradjuri here in New South Wales, the state in which I live, in this nation’s language Mother Earth is Nungeena Tya. The Sun is known as Mother Sun and is Uri, and the Father Moon is Bahloo.

Deep blessings to you on this Full Moon as He Waxes till just after midnight, bringing the light of His wisdom that has shone on all our ancestors past and present.



How can I not be moved,

Gazing into your radiant face.

Your petals hold the mystery to your deepest secrets,

Your opening reflects my inner opening.

You give so generously from your roots,

What hides in the darkness nourishes.

In the silence of the solitary,

Together Mother our brilliance is born.

~ © Astarté Earthwise