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Autumnal Chalice

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Reflecting quietly, morning eastern light,

Scrying through the trees and the Mabon fog.

This morning’s poetry flowing on her lips,

The harvest hangs heavy on her aching hips.

Thoughts turn and twist to life with Her lover.

She breathes in the pangs of grief and sorrow.

Time to decrease, ground, and evaluate what awaits

She pulls together the harvest and prepares for her declination.

She takes note of the sun moving into the constellation of Aries,

Dons the cloak of the pioneer, the person forging ahead on Her own,

Once more she prays, chants and she seeks equilibrium,

Picking up her Autumnal chalice, setting her sails to the west.

She steps into the water feeling Her own waning Strength,

Here water mirrors and makes the changes for movement ahead.

She awaits the dark, powerful void of the Underworld,

Letting go, releasing, accepting the secrets of death and rebirth.

~~ © Astarté Earthwise March 2015

Deepest Autumn Blessings for the New Year


The afternoon shadows call to me, they stretch out across the lawn and the paddocks before me. I hear a frog behind me; the breeze is gently blowing from the south-east. Afternoons like this are precious to my soul. Peace and quiet and the sounds of Nature around me. Butcherbirds compete, flies buzz around me, one wispy cloud in the sky to the east, crickets chirp from the paddocks in the north. The fruit trees are losing their leaves; the grass is damp under foot, still holding the mornings dew at its roots. I close my eyes, I breathe in the air. Tomorrow is the New Year, and the celebration of the Deepest Autumn when the sun is at 15 degrees of Taurus the exact point between the Autumn Equinox and the Winter Solstice, Therefore the cross quarter day.


Since I’ve moved onto the land I have no need for fancy names to celebrate the place where Autumn and Winter meet and come together on the round between Water & Earth. Here I sit very aware of the mud beneath my feet, things slowing down, and the rotting starts as the veil thins and death is sent in a message on a walk and hour before I started writing. As I approached a couple of gum trees, a top notch pigeon fell out of the tree and to its death before me.  I reached down and picked up his limp body, he has a wound to his chest and blood coming from his right eye; I embrace his warm fragile body in my hands with compassion in my heart. The messenger bird arrived at my feet in a very violent, confronting way.


I let the shadows take my fears as they stretch out before me and dissipate as the sun’s strength diminishes and takes them away. I thank Nature for the ritual, and the blessings of this place. In a few days forward it will be a completed cycle of a year since I came onto this land. The teachings are subtle and the lessons cherished as each day brings such joy , living as my ancestors did on the land away from the chaos soothes the soul and gives so much more to cherish. Deepest Autumn Blessings and may Tomorrow be the beginning of a great new year for those that follow the Earthwise Path.

Wise & Blessed Be


Nightfall Magick


When you live in a place where there are no streetlights, the length of the sunsets, and the rays of the moonrise are lights that dance on every fibre of your being, Nature not only touches you, She caresses your very soul.

And the new moon night sky is your scrying mirror for powerful divination.

Wise & Blessed Be


13 Mystery Gatherings for Women in the Hunter Valley of NSW

Thirteen Mystery Gatherings for Women


Meeting on the 13th of each month throughout 2013.

(at different times depending on the day of the week)

A gathering to celebrate and deepen women’s intuitive ways of knowing, linked to Nature, the body, and the mystery of transformation.

Here we will honour a fourfold divinity, the ancestors, the seven sacred directions, and the Australian seasons.

Travel with us through the wheel of life from the Daughter to Blood Sister, Mother to Amazon, Sorceress to Crone

Join us for more powerful living and Women’s Wisdom.

Cost: $10.00

Things to bring:

1. chair or cushion

2. drum or musical instrument

3. drinks to sustain you

4. sensible footwear for a farm

5. outside things, hat, sunscreen , bug repellent

6. notebook & pen

To RSVP please press here

The farm where this event will be run monthly.