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The Blessed Waters

Look deeply into the greening and guess who you will find having a party out there!…..and this one is in fancy dress! Reflecting the turning in tide, as the testosterone builds once more….and the rut begins… hoofs…. stirring our delicate red earth….made for only paws…. the guttural tones of the horned one…cry out through the starlit evenings across the valley floor……seeking His release…..along with the frogs and all the critters that need the blessed water…. precious water that has re-nourished Mother Earth. Swollen are Her dams….creeks are running….and the rivers reach out over the land onto the flats here again  So grateful to see Her green gown in all its glory…. as His strength weakens, and the equinox approaches, the land here is soaking up what exposed Her bones….. burnt her forests…..and relief is felt within and without, with deep deep gratitude for the sacred water 




What amazing gifts from spirit today, I feel so humbled and blessed by each and every one of them. Today marks some significant changes in my life, as the sun moves into the sign of Virgo, so does my focus also deepen into service and healing work. My morning started with a gift from Yellow Tailed Black Cockatoo, a gift of her tail feather, and two encounters where she let me get within a couple of meters from her, where I spoke to her, and she responded in like with her little chatter, the energy exchange was powerful and beautiful, a cherished memory.



The very gifted Ravenari shares her animal energy on Yellow Tailed Black Cockatoo on her Wild Speak  website:
Black Cockatoo – Spirit


Spirit. Rain Magic. Travel. Joy. Crying with Joy. Emotional Freedom. Spiritual Freedom. Finding Spiritual Truths. Your Inner Fire. Creativity. The Muse. Inner Beauty. Inner and Outer Wealth. Preserving What You Care For. Drumming.

General Description: 

The black cockatoos are immediately distinguishable by their characteristic black plumage. They often have very vivid white, red and yellow patches on their body. They are large parrots, with strong beaks. Some are endangered or threatened, and their futures hang in the balance.

Black cockatoos nest in tree hollows, and line their nests with eucalyptus leaves. The decline of nest hollows due to habitat destruction (particularly of old-growth forests) has meant that black cockatoos are already finding it difficult to recover old population sizes. Local Indigenous lore suggests that the beautiful calls of some of these cockatoos indicates rain.

Lessons and Challenges: 

The black cockatoo represents the power of spirit come into your life. It could be a strengthening of your own spirit and soul, or a celebration of any spirits or gods that you happen to believe in. Black cockatoo energy tends to be celebratory and can bring about empowerment, happiness and contentment.

Black cockatoos are large, heavy birds (the largest black birds in Australia) that cast larger shadows, their cries tend to herald significant changes in Indigenous mythologies, including the bringing or coming of necessary rain. Black cockatoo flies into your life to suggest that right now there is a potential for great joy and change. You may experience peaks in your emotions, and black cockatoo can even indicate crying with joy, or experiencing transformative happiness and contentment.

It would be remiss of me not to look at black cockatoo’s significance when it comes to rain magic. Black cockatoo could indicate that there may be literal rains occurring in your life, or that it may be time to get in touch with water gods, spirits and entities through rain magic and ritual. When was the last time you stood in the rain, or walked through it, taking the time to enjoy its enriching presence in your life? If you feel you are experiencing a spiritual drought right now, consider using the imagery of rain nourishing your body and soul to help revive and recharge yourself.

The presence of black cockatoo in a reading can indicate short-distance and long-distance travel.

Black cockatoo is a liberating energy, suggesting a time of emotional and spiritual freedom. You may feel more able to use different rituals, spells or thought-processes, or more able to express yourself emotionally; not just when it comes to happiness, but also when it comes to grief, anger or even fear. Black cockatoo indicates that there will be a level of purity with such expressions, and that we can aid this by consciously not judging ourselves for expression of emotion or of spirit.

Themes of creativity abound. It is time to create! Create new ways of thinking within yourself, new ways of nourishing your body and spirit (including adopting new visualisations, or new ways of eating, thinking and being). Additionally, black cockatoo indicates artistic creation and ability, whether through drawing, painting, music, dancing, writing or other pursuits.

If you used to do some form of art or theatre as a hobby, consider picking it up again, or incorporating it into your healing journey. At this time, your creative Muse is strong and willing to aid and assist you. Externalise your expressions of self onto canvas, into song, or through dance and drumming and you may be surprised at just how much your spirit grows at this time.

Black cockatoo helps us to find spiritual truths, particularly those that help nourish our inner fire, motivation and ability to use our energy to reach our goals. Black cockatoo doesn’t teach through pain and suffering, but through comfort, happiness and contentment. It can be hard, sometimes, to let go enough of our pain and our imprisoned emotions to access growth through positive emotions, but black cockatoo is an enabling energy. By taking the time and giving yourself permission to express difficult emotion, you create room in your life for emotions that actually feel good. These will stoke your inner fires and remind you how to feel a burning passion for life again.

There is a potential for inner and outer wealth when black cockatoo comes into your life. It may be a time to work on securing raises, reminding yourself of how much you’ve saved or achieved monetarily, or looking at how rich and fortunate you are spiritually or emotionally. Take the time to appreciate the wealth you do have, even if you feel you may have none. Through valuing the wealth you already do have, you will find more opportunities and inroads to expanding that wholistically.

It is important to preserve what you care for. Materially, this involves looking after your home and the objects within that home. Keep your home clean enough that damage through dust isn’t an issue, don’t constantly invite guests over who will break your possessions or not care for them, and cultivate a sense of appreciation for the objects and possessions that you have earnt through hard work. Spiritually and emotionally, it is important to preserve the achievements you have worked for by not putting them down, ignoring them or forgetting about them. Take the time to write down what you have achieved spiritually, and what you have learnt emotionally over the years. What emotions have you learnt to express more positively, and how? What sort of growth or maturity do you think you’ve gained? Preserve that knowledge; write it down, meditate upon it, remember the positives that you have achieved.

Some black cockatoos actually use drumming in order to court their partners. They take time to select an appropriate beating instrument, and then will seek out a sufficient hollow log or branch to amplify their sounds. Celebrate black cockatoo energy, and life in general through drumming. It may involve creating a makeshift drum and just experimenting and having fun with the different sounds you can make. Or you can even take the time to invest in and listen to drumming based soundtracks. Drumming has been used for thousands of years to celebrate and also to contact the spirit worlds. See how you can incorporate it into your life to express yourself and your connection to the world around you.

Black cockatoo tells us that everyone has beauty on the inside, everyone. Even people in prison, even those who have committed unspeakable acts. Black cockatoo reminds us that no matter how ugly we feel, or how corrupt, there is a space of beauty inside every soul that is incorrupt and pure. Through the presence of this great bird, we can learn how to access it, to transform our opinions of ourselves and the world in general.

The Shadow Aspects: 

Those who fear or dislike black cockatoo may have severe problems finding freedom or joy. You might fear what freedom can give you, and you may even fear joy. The reasons for this might be varied – freedom brings with it the need to take responsibility for our own lives and actions; joy doesn’t last forever, and we may fear what happens when it goes away. Whatever the reasons, it is important to confront your reluctance to find true freedom in your life. This freedom is found through taking responsibility for your actions and using this responsibility to empower your future decisions and thoughts; freedom is not to be found in giving responsibility away.

Black cockatoo suggests that you may not be caring for friends, family and material objects around you enough. You have to preserve what you care for, in order for it to remain nourishing. You can preserve the things and people you care for by giving them your time, your patience, and your energy. When you give away your material and spiritual wealth, you receive in kind.


Like all animal helpers, this animal will only appear when right and appropriate, and cannot be forced to visit you, commune with you, or share messages with you. Black cockatoo is a powerful guide, and usually a messenger on behalf of other gods and spirits. If you have black cockatoo as a long-term guide or even as a guide, you have an extraordinarily strong locus of power to pull from. Black cockatoo’s ability to teach through emotional expression, creativity and joy also makes it one of the more cheerful teachers to work with. Black cockatoo is a communicative guide, accessible as an inspirational Muse, and also strong-minded and willed. S/he also commands a great deal of respect, and is one of a few animal guides that has no qualms abandoning you if you don’t give enough respect and humility.

However, black cockatoo can be a difficult guide to approach in journeying, let alone visualisation. This is a bird that comes at its own convenience, and not yours, and even those who have black cockatoo as a long-term guide find that there are sometimes whole seasons or years where it is absent. It can be honoured through drumming, particularly those that involve sticks or branches (such as Indigenous clacking sticks), as well as any creative expression. Offerings of artwork, song, chanting, drumming, dance and writing are appreciated.
© Ravenari



In my dreams  and trance work recently when doing work for rain, I have seen a wall of water coming this way, and I am grateful for it is so eagerly awaited as right now where I live in New South Wales we are in the deepest drought in our Whiteman’s history.

Yesterday whilst driving my heart was literally aching in my chest as I saw cattle skinny and scavenging for anything they could, their behaviour was simply not normal as I observed paddock after paddock of tension, stress and lack of feed.
How I wish that some rains will comfort both the farmers and their animals.

It’s very tough times here in the bush.



My morning ritual with my spirits, guides and allies showed me the death card of the tarot, significant and transformational, powerful, showing me to let go of all attachments to any outcome, so I am detached, humbled and clear in my new direction.

I continue to live each day by the tenent’s of Truth, Love & Beauty. Sometimes when I speak my truth, and I express my feelings I am misunderstood, I don’t want to live in the what seems to me the shadows, games, deceit and lies of the monogamous rules for relating, I am a girl who craves right now monogamy with my polyamorous heart, it seems the two misunderstand each other, and my honesty and truth is all I have.

I walk my talk and I speak my truth, what you see is what you get, no hidden agendas, I speak from my heart, and I do that with awareness and compassion.

So with the insight and lessons of Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoo and the Death Tarot card

So I am stepping back, I am detaching, and I am following that truth.  Actions not words are what counts. Yes the death card is timely, thank you. I am no longer second best, I will be respected and honoured for all I have to offer.

I have a lion on my altar that lived on my Dad’s dressing table, as I sit and contemplate today’s energies and gifts I think of my dad, and his courage, which spurs me on to have some of his courage.  A little baby that fled the war in the Ukraine, arrived in Australia as a refugee, and when he died the little country hall that held his funeral had people spilling out the doors. He was loved for his courage, his art, his healing, his cooking and his generosity of spirit, I thank him for his ongoing love from spirit.

I walk outside, I take a few steps forward I am carrying the Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoo feather, holding it with pride and joy, I look up to the sky and there at that moment is a Wedge-tailed Eagle is soaring above me catching the air drifts. In spirit dad always appears to me as this bird, and my heart gladdens to know that I am making the right choices, thank you Dad for always looking out for me, I love you and miss you.

Onwards and Upwards!

© Astarté Earthwise



Spring Tension

Stretched…taught…your drought tangible

I can feel your dust…your parched lips

Your dirt cracks…they open…hungrily

Your wattle shined…but not for long

Gumnuts flowered….then stripped away

By the beaks of cockatoo… and galah

Stealing your honey… greedily, intoxicated

Screeching delight… at your dessert offerings

As your trees sway… and dance…they too… long

For just a drop of moisture…leaves dull, turning inward

Ever so patient…for a cloud…to come this way

Spit on us you sky gods…bring life back to our Sophia

Our Mother…our provider…and our home in the stars.

Bring Her…your Waters…your life giving waters

Once more unite….embrace, and devour each other

Like Hungry lovers…the cycle is returned

The Earth is abated…released…tension gone

Relaxed… taking in the liquid… to her Roots

Earth… and Water ….you are one….time to rest.

~ © Astarté Earthwise