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What has happened to this word, its morals and its energy?

When white man first landed on these shores he had little respect…It seems that continues to grow in this continent, to a point where it’s become so dangerous, especially to women, the very lack of it.

Respect does NOT have to be earnt, patriarchy talking there, with fists on chest!

Respect comes naturally when you open your heart, respect is self-knowledge, and it is the highest expression of love.

It’s becoming very clear that often lack of respect is often self-loathing. If you cannot respect someone, the fauna, the flora, the planet then do work on yourself, dig deeper; find your impediment against love. Having respect, will bring you love, and bring you respect.

© Astarté Earthwise.

Photo: Collecting Pinion Pine resin, honouring it, and respecting it for the inward, turning in, work ahead. Hare energy, keeps her eyes open, as I close mine into the deeper dreaming of the deep Autumn tide and the foggy, heralding, mists of Samhain! 

Approaching Samhain


A seed planted in the dark, will make its way towards the light, just as in my Tradition we have the concept of everything beginning in darkness, and working its way towards the light. So our year starts with the season of winter, and our days start at sundown, continuing that belief that from darkness comes light.

As we approach the “end of summer” known by us as Samhain, This is also the end of our calendar Year, the time of reflection, between the elements of Water and Earth, here in this “mud” of the year is the start of our winter, and therefore the start of our new year as well.

We mark this by the celestial planets above us, when the constellation above us is at 15 degrees of Taurus the bull; we mark this moment as our eve of darkness, the beginning of winter and the beginning of our light of a new year ahead.

This moment of Samhain is also our moment of New Year and this year it is May 5th at 11.13pm.

Here in Australia on the East coast where I live, we have no need to bring our cattle or livestock inside, as our Winter is mild compared to that of our European ancestors, we have no need to cull for the harsh season ahead and fill our freezers and pantries to get us through. It’s the time to collect the seeds, and bring some plants and bulbs inside. Yet we also make some plantings at this time for what is grown here throughout winter. Our garlic should be in the ground before Samhain.

Here it is now legal to start our fires on the farms and burn off what is no longer needed, the wild deer are rutting, and most does are pregnant by Samhain. The female Casuarina trees are fully in flower. Our Kangaroos and wallabies are also growing joeys, and breeding for the second time to develop another joey as a back-up, as the mists roll in from the river, we are reminded of our ancestors also drawing nearer in this time. The scent of Death is in the air, as the mists start the rot, the dampness creeps in, we feel it in our bones and we see it on the land. The sun struggles to evaporate what the night has delivered under its blanket of moisture.

As the land releases, we are reminded of sacrifice, and that we all need to make sacrifices in order to move forward, as the cycle continues, we reflect on service and sacrifice on Anzac Day, and we prepare for winter. At this time we spill milk and cornmeal on the land, offering up what was given, and we perform fertility rituals, we also prepare out taxes in winter where we give back too.

This is the time of withdrawal, the sun loving reptiles and mammals retreat, the animals many now pregnant, also slow down, green lush grasses replace the barren places of drought, so the stress of food is eased, as the slowing down to the darkness approaches.

We move into our inner caves of reflection, we see what needs to change and we make the adjustments needed, in the darkness, whilst we can, before we are born again, in the enthusiasm of the new light that approaches at Yule.

And so the cycle continues…

© Astarté Earthwise 2018

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For those of us that observe the planetary moment of Samhain today, blessings to you, and a Happy New Year.

At this Sabbat Feast of the Dead & Transformation we honor the Old Ones of this Land, still knowing, still growing, kin to us, for we are here.

Here the Songlines and the Dreamings merge. To the Blood Light and Green Lore of all our Old Ones, The Grandmothers and Grandfathers, the Anzacs,The Ancestors of Past and Future, The Unborn and the Dead, We Give Greeting.

Magpie Fly, Serpent Skin Die, Platypus Swim, Goanna Bring.

Out of the Spirals, Out Of the Mist Nungeena Tya take me in
let me be reborn.

Unweave, Unwind, Leave unwanted shapes behind.

On this day

From the top of a mountain, we are able to witness life from a different perspective bringing us a new awareness.

As the energy that surround’s Samhain often brings us new vision, maybe its time to do some climbing.

Mountains are almost always considered holy and spiritual places, and the energy at the top of a mountain is undeniably unique.

When we are on top of a mountain, it is as if we have ascended to an alternate realm, one in which the air is purer and the energy lighter.

Where will you be starting your new year from?

Morning Mist & Mud


The shadows of the morning mist, beckon me outside. I leave my desk and follow the mornings call.

The softness of the rolling, falling mist meets my skin, refreshing, invigorating, I breathe it in deeply.

A magpies call, a crow’s cry, a calf bleating for its mother lost in the fog, wings of a kookaburra flapping near me.

Music to my morning ears.

Here I stand in the shadows of early morning, as the sacred round gently turns, heading to winter, moving away from the sun, a sense of peace journeys to my soul.


This time of year is so needed, the slowing down, the shadows that we explore, within and without.

A knowing, a deeper connection to those close in the shadows, that have gone beyond the veil, they draw closer as does Samhain.

We stand here on the wheel, the constellation of  Taurus above us, between water and earth in the mud that holds us, nurtures us and brings us forth from the shadows what is needed right now.

Prayer rides on my lips to those departed, those struggling in the shadows between the veils of this life and the next, the scent of Pluto’s Death is in the air.

The leaves and some thoughts turn, they fall, they decompose to give nourishment to the earth that sustains us.

I stop in this moment and give thanks, all is unfolding as it should, more light permeates my mind and the shadows around me.


The webs spun through the night leave their silken presence on my skin as I return through the orchard and head back to my desk for the day ahead.

May your Wednesday hold you in this moment, of being and breathing for as long as you need it.

Much joy from my heart to yours today, in the shadows, and the mud of the year.

Wise & Blessed Be xXx