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Yep….I’m a Sheep.

The Scream, 1893 by Edvard Munch


As I tap away here with my two fingers at my keyboard, my mind searches to understand humanity, one word that looms and grows is the word FEAR.

Let’s face it fear is a choice, as we emerge as adults we can work through these fears that stunt us on so many levels, that’s if we are working the hard yards and doing the work I guess.

So let’s look at that, what is Fear? Is it the anticipation of pain, fear of violence? Fear of a breakup, the loss of someone you love? Fear of sharks, of plane crashes, of falling off a cliff?

Some of us have felt churches cripple us with the fear they preach, and many of us have walked in another direction.

Yet here we are supposedly evolving conscious, aware people, but let’s see, humanity is splitting right down the middle isn’t it?

The so called “believers” now refer to the rest of us as sheep.

Well Baaaaa Baaaaa

I’m happy to wave the sheep flag high, and continue to place, and light a candle between the horns of a rams skull, in daily ritual, asking the ancestors and gods to give you “believers” clarity, as I am NOT a racist, a white supremacist, or any part of anti-science.

I don’t believe children are being kidnapped, slaughtered and eaten to gain power from their blood, or being held in tunnels, under cities around the world. I don’t believe any organisation in particular is controlling all positions in government, banks, international finance, the news media, and the church all at once. I don’t believe anyone is trying to disarm the police or promote paedophilia, or is planning to mongrelize any race so it will lose its essential power.

I don’t believe I am losing my power or that I am living in a police state, because I choose to stay at home, rather than catch a real virus that is killing people all over the globe. I do believe however that the “believers” without realising are spreading hatred and encouraging harm, through their actions.

Folks we have been down this road before in 1902, do some research, open your minds, and look at the bigger picture, as back in 1902 the Russian anti-Jewish propagandists wrote the book on this literally. It was called The Protocols of the Elders of Zion. It was filled with myths about a Jewish plot to take over the world that had existed for hundreds of years. Central to its mythology was the Blood Libel, which claimed that Jews kidnapped and slaughtered Christian children and drained their blood to mix in the dough for matzos consumed on Jewish holidays.

As that is what you the “believers” are supporting, another myth. You have no facts, just myth that is being spread across the media and the internet.

Hitler’s narcissistic autobiography and manifesto Mein Kampf exposes his battle against the Jewish plot to rule the world, showing he copied his conspiracy theories from the Nazis published children’s book Protocols which contained the required curriculum of every primary school in Germany. The Nazi newspaper, Der Stürmer (derived from the German word for “Storm”) spread the Blood Libel, just as our media is spreading this new conspiracy too.

These macabre fairy tales are very dangerous, and feeding the fear of the educators, the elders, the healers, the presenters, the leaders, it has become a nightmare to watch just who is sprouting these conspiracy theories.  QAnon’s conspiracy theory is a rebranded version of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

I’ve been told by three loved ones about their fantasy that a secret Satan-worshiping cabal is taking over the world. Apparently their members kidnap white children, keep them in secret prisons run by paedophiles, slaughter, and eat them to gain power from the essence in their blood. The cabal held the American Presidency under the Clintons and Obama, nearly took power again in 2016, and lurks in a “Deep State” financed by Jews, including George Soros, and in Jews who control the media.

Just the fact that they are saying a Satan- Worshiping cabal, did my head in trying to explain who Satanists actually were, I guess it was lost on them, as they have been brainwashed now to believe in these draconian fundamentalist Christian views, are their truth, just more hatred there. So disappointing how these beautiful free spirits I once knew are now showing their true bigoted views, as they now support stopping legal abortion, they are against transgender rights, and against homosexuality. They believe this stuff, and now they are no longer in my life.

I am left shocked by their new hatred and intolerance. They also want people to be armed, and they want the police defunded. The want to keep borders closed so that refugees and those fleeing hardship cannot mongrelise their white race, that’s unbelievable racism, and something I simply won’t tolerate.

 I’m simply perplexed at how any rational person could fall for such an irrational conspiracy theory. But modern social science shows that people in groups don’t always think rationally. Apparently people do respond to fear and terror. They blame their misfortunes on scapegoats. They support narcissistic demagogues that they hope will rescue them, and that’s simply scarier.

These “true believers” think Donald Trump will rescue them from this satanic cabal. Shit for a little while there I was starting to think myself that Donald Trump may have been misunderstood, they were so convincing, I now admit to being ignorant back then and have gone back to my original thinking, I simply don’t like the man or his energy.

What ever happened to good old fashioned taking responsibility? Pulling up your socks and getting on with it, to turn your life around, have we become so soft that we cannot fend for ourselves? Or as it looks even manage to think for ourselves.

In Europe in the 1930’s, millions were unemployed, in the streets violent battles raged between Nazis and Communists, and the Democratic governments remained powerless. In Italy and Spain fascist dictators ruled. Western Europe was conquered by Hitler when he took power in Germany, as communist Stalin conquered the East of Europe. Hitler and Stalin held a steadfast pact with totalitarian rule over most of Europe. After millions of deaths in World War II finally the Nazi’s were defeated, but we should not forget the genocidal tyranny, and the extra fifty years it took to free the Soviet Union.

Millions of people today have lost their jobs worldwide due to the deadly virus Covid-19, and yes we are suffering globally. These angry “believers” roam the streets, ignoring this plague, or roaming social media, spreading their hatred, and spending countless hours “researching” their myth, when they could be using their time constructively.

We’ve seen the divide in America clearly as these two forces do battle in the streets, armed militants versus militarised police, and the government appears to look the other way, as Trump clearly needs the “believer” votes as well, as he heads to the elections in the next few weeks. Also notice how Trump is ignoring fascist Mohammed bin Salman’s rule of Saudi Arabia and the old Ottoman and Persian empires and dictator Vladimir Putin’s ruling over Russia as they each murder their opponents. Yet he continues to denounce the dictatorship rule of China and makes them the sole scapegoat for the pandemic that he dropped the ball completely with. Yet he indulges Russia to no end.

The world has seen QAnon before. It was called Nazism.  Whatever you do, don’t fall for this dangerous thinking, please report any suspicious posts if you see them.

“Our emotions can be generated by stimuli both real, in the moment, and remembered—or even imagined. That’s the gift and the burden of the human mind.”Antonio Damasio

If you are a “believer” then please unfriend me, here and in real life, as truly what you are supporting and citing is simply abhorrent to every fibre of my being.

46 years ago today I was thrown out of school for being too “dumb” to go through to pass exams, yet I am sharp enough it seems these days…bless those nuns at that convent…..even if I am a sheep!

© Astarté Earthwise 27 September 2020

Dr. Gregory Stanton – BA (Oberlin), MTS (Harvard Divinity School), MA and Ph.D. in Anthropology (U. of Chicago), and J.D. (Yale Law School).

Antonio Damasio – Current Professor of Psychology, Philosophy, and Neurology at University of Southern California.

G. Stanley Hall – American Psychologist

The Scream, 1893 by Edvard Munch

The Farmer


Have you ever had the misfortune and the grief of watching someone die of cancer? You stand by knowing there is nothing you can do, except watch as they waste away in front of your very eyes. You lend your support you give all the love in your heart to no avail, and you lose sleep, you are tired beyond anything you have known, and you are working as you never have before, the sisters of fate have weaved and spun, and your being fills with a sense of hopelessness and despair, for the loss you know you will experience.

This feeling, this inkling of knowing how that feels, gives you a lens of sorts into the hearts and the grief of our farmers, these men women and children, are too, in the fight of their lives. Every day they watch the slow death, the crippling of their land, the crippling of their stock and their produce, like a cruelty unknown to city folk.

Tension builds in the long shadows of every dawn and dusk, the land is stretched so taught, not giving, not nurturing, she is simply in decline, hope fades and the dust builds and the feed disappears. Something you love and feel so connected to, is rotting and dying, this is a part of you, your soul and every fibre of your being is connected to this land.


Can you imagine looking into the eyes of your breeding stock, animals you’ve spent all your days with, seeing to their needs, their cycles of births, separations and deaths, you’ve been there together supporting each other through the good and bad, the storms, the floods, the fires, the heat and the cold, illness, predators and injury only right now, this time it’s very different.

No one but a farmer can explain this stress of this tangible tension, and what it does to your value as a human, it is extremely painful to watch your beautiful domesticated animals and your livelihood diminish and suffer. Watching the innocents that give and give, slowly lose their condition, fat bellies now gaunt, bones stretching up begging for a mouthful of green grass, there simply isn’t enough to go around, as days turn to weeks then months, it’s too much, the weakness arrives, the will to live is taken over by starvation, each day more and more animals hit the dust, their legs too weak to carry them, and they wait silently for the end of their misery.


And what happens when the rains don’t come, and all the animals are gone…who is looking after the farmers?

The Earth is waking us up…..we need to stop separating…..for we are all one.

What hurts the farmers hurts you.

What will you do to help the farmer?

~ © Astarté Earthwise July 2018