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Book Review: Six Ways: Approaches & Entries for Practical Magic By Aidan Wachter


As we approach the anticipated “Age of Aquarius” new tools are surfacing, and I believe that Aidan Wachters book Six Ways is a veritable lighthouse for those with a desire to get connected in a no nonsense way to magic, and I know this book is destined to become a new classic for practitioners of Magic and Sorcery. As a teacher of the Metaphysical Artes now for over 40 years, I highly recommend this book. Having read this book, I am already selling my other books on Magic, as this book has all I need.

Reading Aidan’s book is like drinking a nice cold beverage on a hot summer’s day; it refreshes and quenches the thirst. Effortless to read and grasp, full of clear, easy to understand concepts and exercises with a twist of his great sense of humour with no dogma attached, which makes the book even more of a great tonic, guaranteed to move you swiftly towards your magical goals.

After just three weeks of practicing his “reclaiming rite” things shifted and manifested swiftly in my life more than any other practice I’ve experienced, Aidan an Aquarian himself is clear and solid in his teachings and his generosity of spirit goes above and beyond as he is so willing to give and share unstintingly.

Six Ways will guide you to variety of approaches, concepts and entries into magic in the simplest of forms that are obviously proven, as roads that have been travelled successfully. Here Aidan throws away the theory and literally gives you the bones, guts and dirt on how to set up a daily working practice, no matter your level of experience, this book will assist you. It will also remind you of the simple things you used to do, but maybe have forgotten. This work is simple and fluid.

As a fellow animist Aidan’s words resonated deeply. You will find Aidan will guide you through the simplest of instruction for resonating and plugging into working with spirits, allies and entities which will help beginners and can also be applied to existing practices. He will take you, like an old friend through chapters of Intention, Focus, Self Power, Trance, Divination, Raising Power, Offerings, Petitions, Sigils, Crossroads, Weaving, Consecration, Sorcery and a whole lot more. He offers a fresh straightforward view that is timely for the world we live in today. If you want to do more than just read about magic, (don’t we all ) then this book is for you to start living your Magic!

Aidan is also a highly gifted talismanic jeweller whose magical practices are rooted in witchcraft, folk magic, chaos magic, and animistic spirit work. This book, his first will be now high on my recommended reading list, and a must read for my students. I am so very grateful for such a concise, practical and well thought out book on Magic and Sorcery.

Here is a link to  Aidans Wachters Website.

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