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Reflection Crone


Oh incertitude!

You are a rampant torturer.

Hindering the natural flow,

I glance backwards.

Without confidence,

Impeding what moves forwards.

Its reconciliation,

Reflecting tarot’s Star card.

A calcaneus in both worlds,

I am neither here, nor there.

Crossroads pondering,

I Jump headlong.

Taking a leap of faith,

No more hanging by your feet in the mighty oak.

Upside down, crippled, distorted perspectives,

Merge now with your authentic being.

Live your life with inspiration,

Watch all your thoughts and desires.

Open up, to your fullest potential,

Step out of your self-defeating doubts.

Donning your brilliant cloak of creativity,

Let the creative source flow through you.

Open your being to full gratitude,

Watch the Joy unfold and multiply.

Surrender your reflective thoughts,

Weave in your forgiveness.

Uncut the threads of self,

Hem up, any harm done.

Embrace and deepen your living,

Sew in your surrender.

Watch the wise woman emerge,

She is comfortable.

Her intuition guides you,

She speaks the truth.

Conscious in communion,

She is more intense.

Her wits sharpened,

She gracefully turns.

From the mirror,

That journey is done.

Her power is flying,

The days now merge.

Into her brilliance,

She stands firmly on her mantel.

Of wise elder woman,

The deep lines etched of experience.

Now forgotten journeys in her loving face,

Her inner fire burns brightly.

She lets go, she releases,

There is time for all things.

With wisdom and maturity,

She acknowledges and smiles.

As she rides the inevitable round,

The ancestors wait.

Just beyond the veil,

Hands outstretched calling her.

Come home to the Source,

The moon wanes, the veil lifts.

A glimmer of what awaits, unfolds,

She without question steps forward.

Courageous in her Craft,

She prepares for the last journey.

In this cycle, Hekate’s torches shine,

And she follows their light and her Owl.

Arriving at the last crossroads,

She reaches out and takes the key.

Signs off with a sigil on the Earth,

A satisfied smile on her lips, she opens the lock.

Nephthys awaits, reassures her, onwards,

Starting her decent, a crow caws.

She enters the deepest blue of the underworld.

Her journey and passage of returning begins.

~~ © Astarté Earthwise