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Hecate’s womb awaits all

With love to all the abused ones, for we are kith….

We have to walk back into the darkness of the pain and the hurt child,

hold them,

love them,

take all year if you have to,












till the tears stop,

and then we truly emerge.

Your roots are your family, they will always be a part of you, your foundation, your DNA, your heritage .

When a branch falls from a tree, it is still of that tree.

Dig deep my friend, savour the void.

Inhale the smell of the rich rotting earth, feel it, for you are kin.

Bones, feathers, claws, shed skin and fur

Uncloak, unwind, leave unwanted shapes behind.

Surrender here at the Goddesses feet, embrace her soothing balm.

For we are all but one

Kneel at Her altar

Her dagger of ritual power

Midwife’s your potency

Your umbilical cord of

rebirth and renewal

Plant your new seeds in the light of her torches

Deep love, gratitude, forgiveness, the key

Mother Night

Set me Free

© Astarté Earthwise – August 2020

Image titled ‘Individuation’ copyright of Rosaleen Norton


Pulling out weeds, gathering the last of the harvest, digging in the vegetable and herb gardens, cutting out what is no longer needed there and in myself…detoxing, taking time to be alone, to be centred, to consider this upcoming descent into the underworld as the cycle continues, to the void, within and without.

The calling is louder, the spirits and the ancestors ever so closer, as my bones dig in deep to the earth the connection is so very deep, so very grounded.

As I approach the peripheral of my second Saturn return, ever mindful of the greatness of this time, if used to discipline one’s self it can be hugely rewarding. I am not fighting against Saturn’s energy but asking him to step right on in and assist me to get on track.

As I harvest the fennel I cut back what is now in seed, yet at the base the new growth emerges, reminding me that what Saturn takes away allows for the new growth, and I am open and willing for his lessons.

Its time again to stand before Hekate the primal source, at the veiled crossroads and she hands out the destiny key, I bow my head in submission with the deepest respect as the love for her swells in my heart, I offer myself, I surrender once again, to the divine will.

~  © Astarté Earthwise

The Void


Here I sit in Her Void
Stirrings, Emotions, Grief
Connection, Bliss, Devotion
Cauldron of Potential
This place of possibilities
Deep, Deep Thoughts
Rawness, Exposure
Compassion, Love
I sit on the see saw
Of Paradox
On the edge of Gnosis
Breathe, Deeply Breathe
Live in this moment
A second chance
To be reborn
With choices
A new beginning
A chance
Fills me
Thank you

© Astarté Earthwise Dec 2014

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