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Broken Bones, Magic and Boots


So its 3 months and 3 days since I fractured my knee and fractured my back, and damaged my right ankle. It’s been an interesting challenge on its own living alone, dealing with the pain and coping with trying to run a business when I should have been on total bed rest.

I’ve learnt a lot about myself, my resilience and strength in that time as my second Saturn Return played havoc with my bones. This morning when I finished work, my new, second hand hiking boots arrived at the post office. I’ve just returned from the longest walk I’ve taken in years. Everything hurt, but I just pushed through the pain and kept going…..The hills were tough, my heart pounded deeply in my chest….the pain in my good leg was mind numbing and I had to make several stops just to overcome its grip and breathe properly through it…..I’ve been here before in recovery, as the cycles are duly noted.

Outside of work, maintaining my home, doing my magical practices and cooking, I’ve been in bed, In this time i’ve been blessed to devour, and devour again and work some exercises from a book called Six Ways by Aidan Wachter, which I totally and highly recommend. I have managed to catch up with Gordon White’s Rune Soup Podcasts, so I feel like I’ve absorbed so much information, feeling deepest gratitude for the work these two men do so brilliantly in the world of magic.

I’ve had so many messenger birds literally bashing into my window with their sweet totemic messages from spirit. They have even done so repeatedly, just making sure I got the message…trust me I heard you and I’ve noted and made changes. And when I left for work this morning and approached my car there was a wallaby joey running back and forth in front of me…dispelling the long thought of theory that both Kangaroos and Wallabies can only move forwards….All in all, I was reminded that all I need know is that moving forward is enough – that you do not necessarily have to be clear on your path, though it definitely helps and my clarity is returning after so many drugged out days on pain killers. Simply moving is called for and the bigger the leaps and bounds the better for me.

Thanks also to my best friend Deborah, who has kept me sane and listened to my grief and sorrows through this hellish time, I love you dearly.

As I rebuild my strength, I’m writing some individual workshops which I look forward to bringing to you in a much more personal atmosphere of intimate low numbered groups.

Please let me know if you are interested.

Keep smiling and keep moving forward.