Quartz Crystals

I have been working and charging a selection of clear quartz crystals for the last year, these have been in my ritual circle here at the temple, for every Full Moon, Eclipse, Dark Moon and New Moon, they are potent and powerful. They have been in rural land surrounded by the river on all sides, they have been exposed to the gentle rains, savage storms and the visiting birds and insects. I now will be offering these sacred pieces for just $20.00 (that includes postage) one only per person after the New Moon on the 25th of December. They are charged for gentle transformation, working with these crystals will ground you in the elements, allowing you to make the subtle changes needed for your own wholeness, great for beginners on this path, and a sacred tool to use throughout 2012. These crystals are limited, so first in gets one, just let me know and one will be put aside for you, thank you for allowing me to give you this sacred object for your further development.
Wise & Blessed Be
Astarte xXx




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