Spiraling Journey to Self

Many people have lot of resentments they are unaware of. The burdens of these buried feelings are heavy, and they are often expressed in a passive aggressive way when giving an opinion or asked for advice. Thinking they were just being honest, without seeing they are often lashing out and being mean.

Its starts with the spiral of truly Knowing Yourself, think of your resentments, maybe make a list, start with one or two, as you come to this awareness you will soon find that we each have many, use the ancient symbol of the spiral to be your tool of uncovering, discovering, and gently discarding these resentments. Become fearless in your spiralling journey to self and see why and how you could be spiteful.

As the spiral works its way to our centre, it also works its way back out, here we use this tool to let go of resentments, in the Nature of the spiral of letting go magic does happen, you develop compassion for yourself and others. You find yourself living in Freedom. Wow!

Freed from petty resentments, you now identify with the struggles we all share as we make our way through life. You are not better than, nor worse than anyone else, and compassion now allows you to be open with and thus deeply connected to others.

Today, ask yourself this question…is my honesty is based on true compassion?


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