Crystals of Quartz


Under the waxing moon in Aquarius today I prepared the beautiful quartz crystals and moonstones for the year ahead to be exposed and worked on through rituals for whoever needs them, they are so full of buzzing energy, if you need something personally charged for yourself, just let me know if I can do this for you. Quartz crystals are used as a cleansing stone to eliminate negative energies from other stones. This basket is full of a great variety of different types of clear quartz, tabbies, record keepers, teachers, windows and many more. They also are a powerful tool for memory inmprovement and bringing clarity to to one’s consciousness. Healers use quartz crystals to fortify the nerves, stimulate glandular activity, reduce fevers, alleviate pain, swelling and nausea. They are now within my working circle starting their journey with the Element of Air and the powers associated with that quarter, the wings of great magpie are protecting them and singing them up with his beautiful warble.






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