Food for Thought

We live in a world of Addiction – Alcohol, Drugs, Gambling, Food, Relationships, Sex. Obsessive Compulsion, Control, etc – A Wiseperson’s  thought to help –

“For an addict, our substances or processes are our god. They demand our time, energy and resources. This may take awhile to become blatantly obvious, but it will occur eventually because of the nature of addiction. We focus on protecting our supply …and we make our addiction into our god.” – The Recovery Spiral.

Fruits and vegetables

Have you made this connection before? I see how I turn to food,  I need to turn to the Divine. When I need rest, comfort, security, reassurance. Food is my answer for anytime I wanted joy, pleasure, energy, rest or comfort. It has become my god. Now I can begin to understand how turning to my higher power can fulfill that need and food never could.