Friends lifted my spirits today, I know I’ve been difficult to be around with so much going on, on so many levels, thank you for your love and care the last few days. You are so special.

Tonight I heard crickets chirping, frogs calling, cows munching paddock grasses and horses chewing on the pears I gifted them.

I saw bats heading North as I headed towards the Eastern horizon, I saw clouds hanging like blankets above me, separating me from the stars, I saw the clouds above me reflected in puddles and dams, I saw the last rays of sunset.

I touched the flowers of wild fennel plants, to see if they were ready, I stroked the velvet feeling nose of the horse I was feeding, I felt the pull on the lead as my companion walked ahead with his nose to the ground picking up new scents with excitement.

I smelt the freshness of rain, the smell of cows, of horses and of sheep, of open pastures, my head swirled as I breathed in the intoxicating scent of the lemon scented gum tree, and I tasted a sense of oneness, of connection with both Divinity with Nature, I am back on the right path, and so the journey continues.

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