Truth, Love & Beauty


My thoughts on the Old Craft….

Witchcraft as we all know is about knowing yourself, first and foremost.

It’s about knowing who you are and what triggers you and your behaviour.

It’s up to YOU to get a handle on that.

No one can be blamed if you don’t own your own behaviour and emotions.

You have choices to walk in a world with your delusions and illusions or you can walk in truth.

Walking in truth is the crooked path, walking in illusion is the straight path.

You are a beautiful powerful being, and you need to believe that, and aim to make that being bigger and better.

Getting caught up in gossip, backstabbing and slander is simply a road to self-defeat.

The path of manipulating others, for your own outcome, will only damage you.

Your authentic self, honestly knows your weaknesses, it’s your job to strengthen them.

Become strong in who you are, using all the tools available to you.

If you are surefooted these negative things will not stick to you, only to those telling the tales.

People who think witchcraft is easy, are deluded; it’s painful, frustration ridden, hard work and bloody rewarding.

If you come to the path of the old ways not operating from your heart, and being authentic, you will indeed experience deep pain.

That pain is often your gift:

A gift to be used for the good of transforming yourself.

Or this gift of pain is to be used in playing the victim and spreading your wrath forever more, because sadly you missed the opportunity to walk with the wise.

An accomplished and good builder or carpenter never blames their tools if their finished product is shoddy.

If your elders, teachers, or mentors give you tools for self-improvement and you don’t use them, for whatever reason, then seek other tools before blaming them for your own shoddy emotions.

Not all relationships work, because we are human, however those that make us uncomfortable are the ones we often learn from the most, running from them, just keeps you re-creating the same shoddy emotions.

May you all find your Truth through Love

© Astarté Earthwise 2014

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