The Gentle Man

I embrace this day.

As I wish to embrace you.

Your words greet me,

Like the magpie song greets the dawn.

Your thoughts touch my skin,

Like the easterly breeze of morning.


Excitement builds, anticipation awaits.

As the sun reaches the Earth, so too, do I reach out.

To you and pull you closer to embrace you,

Your spirit touches and lights the folds.

Of my body, desire builds,

Like birds song, fluttering in my belly.


Not long now, till we are united in the mists of autumn,

In the lands of lushness and tall gums.

Lips on lips, singing up murmurs of desire,

Our souls entwined in the poetry of the ancients.

Gathering passion for our erotic slow dance, rivers swelling,

The dams overflow, and precipitation returns to the gullied landscape.

~ © Astarté Earthwise


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