A leap of faith

As the heat of the day disperses, the sun descends from its heights towards the horizon, the leaves on the gums shine and shimmer, dappled by the rays of dusk, on a thirsty summers land, with the smells, and noise of sunset.

There is much magic alive at these in-between times and places, I look out over the valley below me, the wallabies move forward, just as my heart does in anticipation. They make their way to the dam to quench their thirst, as too my soul reaches out to yours, it draws me in, to drink from the nectar of you, that nourishes and feeds my longings.

This vivid moment reaches out and captures me; I feel your loving words on the breeze. I reflect on the end of my day, knowing you romance me as one touched by the beauty of Nature, you know my longings for this land reflect my longing for you.

As each day folds back, your voice greets me with the delight, as the sunrise does each day, with the song of birds and the stirrings of all that has been asleep.

Do I dare take that leap of faith?

Your heart is calling, the void is enticing, do I let go and jump into the abyss with you. Do I dare to place my hand in yours….. to fall fully in love again?

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