Loving Wild Beasts

50641883_10157196235757975_564407287364452352_nGood Morning from the farm watching this special boy grow into a man, has been such a delight, like me he has a penchant for watermelon in this heatwave. Each day as the sun sets watching the pink juice drool from his lips at dinner time, lets me know he appreciates this gift of kindness as he greedily devours each piece left for him, and our friendship grows.
This relationship will be very different in 3 months when the rutting starts and Pan comes to life spectacturally, and the wild is at its wildest, and it’s poetry in motion as he fights for his rightful place in Nature.
The guttural tones will echo in the darkness of the swollen valley before me, they are illuminated by the moons phases on the velvety antlers. Nature’s orchestra reaches its crescendo, fences are broken, as testosterone surges, mating begins, and the wild hunt rides the winds, with Samhain and the Celtic New Year on our doorstep, as we re-honour the ancestors they draw nearer, the veil is thinner and it’s the beginning of the time of the dark. We move to the mound, the whisper of Tlachtga calls us on the winds as the descent begins.
Beast and human aligned with the season, and so the cycle begins again on the land and in our bones  Deep blessings from the farm 


One thought on “Loving Wild Beasts”

  1. Blessings to you Your words and observations of nature have me hanging on every sensation, thankyou wise one welcome home

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