The Power of the Heart

I choose you dearest kind Druid man, from up Ireland way

Charming accent, from the place of my ancestors, McRae

Be my travelling companion, come, come fly with me.

Our wings moving in unison hold on handsome, and you will see.

Soaring hand in hand, soul on soul, my heart is your home,

Nature’s beauty, is both our canvas, and our stepping stone.

Looking into each other’s eyes, sealing our fate with a passionate kiss

Together we jump, take our leap of faith, happily into our mutual abyss.

Daring the challenges, charting our adventures, empowered and entwined,

Lending power to our wings, I feel your strength moving alongside mine,

Across the sky of life, when buffeted by unexpected gusts, we are not alarmed,

We will find kind refuge, shelter and presence each other’s loving arms.

We will marvel as the difficult days, pass us by, like a swift wind,

As kindred spirits, we will find our way through, as we are now kin.

I know I am safe for I am travelling with the luck of the Irish, so it is said,

Together we will ride the bright sunshine, the clouds and the rain ahead.

If your wings begin to ache on our journey, my sweet hearted man,

Fear not, you won’t be abandoned, I’ve got this, I know I can.

Look beside you, you have my strength, its ok, just lean on me,

I will carry you for a while, have faith in us, and you will see.

We will move faster, through karma, releasing, letting go,

Soaring even higher, our egos dropping earthwards, as we go.

With the presence of the Goddess, moving within us divine,

We will walk the round, chant her name, and shine the light, for humankind.

We are walking her talk, gifts of love, beauty, and grace,

Messengers from the spirit realm, working at Her pace.

Humble, kind, loving healers of the human soul,

It’s the care and devotion to service that is our goal.

Casting off our earthly mooring, soaring high in trust and fate,

This cannot be mere chance, cause for 15 years you were my mate.

An upturned wing, a graceful flutter, all so effortless and free,

Pushing steadily forward, devoted wings, moving in harmony.

Taking our courses and rituals across the sky, together covering more ground,

Moving to your island, singing from my heart, knowing I am homeward bound.

The future is looking brighter my love, than it ever has, as I head for your southern door,

You get me, enhance me, enrich me, I just want to be your beloved, forever more.

©Astarté Earthwise – 24th August 2020







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